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What is this pump ?


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things have been wonderful with the new AIDA, great work guys


but as always something has to rear its ugly head again

All pc software up to date

Just put a x99, 6800k, corsair LC 115, Win764 pro together, and there is something I need help with

mystery #1:

there is a "pump #1" with an rpm reading of say 1800rpm & I need help to find what it is

("water pump rpm" is on the mobo pump header ^ is correct rpm, [and this is the cooler pump rpm plug wire])

the AIDA CPU package is 35c but Corsair says 29c, stability enabled..


should the CPU temp be higher or lower than CPU core temps ?

Folks are saying different things about that so I need confirmation or at least to know exactly what is what


everything else is working fine



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1) Try to use the latest AIDA64 beta build:


Because we've recently added extended labels for the Computer / Sensor page.  Those labels will help you identify which reading comes from which source, much easier than the current way of purely guessing :)

2) It depends on the actual motherboard model. So there's no universal truth about that.  Usually we just recommend that you should be watching the core temperatures, and take the highest value of them as a reference for your processor's "well-being".

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