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Missing Sensor Items for AMD 7990


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I'm using an AMD 7990 and it seems like there are a few sensor items missing.

Before I go on, GPU sensor/fan support, Multi-GPU support and Wake GPUs up are all checked under the stability tab.

Furthermore I disabled ULPS via Msi Afterburner.


I'm building a Sensor Panel and I noticed that under Voltage Values I'm only getting Vcc, Memory, VRM and +12V for GPU2 and nothing for GPU1.

All i get for GPU1 is the core voltage.

Under Current Values and Power Values all i get is GPU2 Memory and GPU2 VRM (Amps. and Wattage respectivley).


Are these values really for GPU2 only or are they actually the total of both and are simply mislabeled?

Not a huge issue, just wondering.



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It's absolutely normal.  It's because the onboard sensor/PWM chip is connected to the I2C bus of GPU2, and not GPU1.  It's just a technical decision made by the video card manufacturer.  The chip itself may measure the properties and status of GPU2, GPU1 or the whole video board, it all depends on how the manufacturer designed the PCB of your video card.




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Hi Fiery and thanks for the quick answer.

Yesterday I only restarted the program to see if anything changes(which it didn't), today after restarting my pc, I now have all the missing GPU1 Voltage Sensors ... so, problem solved i guess :)

Great program btw.

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