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Logitech Arx Landscape


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I want to use my old iPhone as a replacement for G19 screen. But when I rotate the phone to landscape it stretches the lcd items and I have to scroll to see everything.

I tried to flip the reslution in LCD settings to 1440 x 980 but it didnt work and AIDA started to glitch out.

So how to I desing items for landscape? I could compensate for the streching by trial and error but that would take forever.


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What you need to do to figure out the right resolution to use is select all items in the list of LCD items in AIDA64 Preferences, and push the Hide button. Then press the Apply or OK button on the Preferences window, and check what your device responds. It should display the splash screen with the resolution you need to configure for the current orientation. E.g. an iPhone 5s would require 981x501 in landscape mode, and 980x1648 in portrait mode. It's the pecularity of the integrated web client Logitech Arx uses ;)

After you've set the right resolution, you can unhide the previously hidden items of course, and continue using your LCD layout.

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