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VRM Temp sensors? (Gigabyte 990FX-Gaming)


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Hello.  I'm wondering about motherboard VRM temp and power sensors. 


I have them using HWiNFO64, but not while using AIDA.


Do any of you with more common motherboards get to read your motherboards VRM information?  Maybe it's because I'm using the old 990FX chipset?  However, it's a new board and another program can read them just fine.




My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-990FX-gaming.


I really prefer AIDA's stability test graph and the program is just more polished than others.  Having all the sensors available would greatly encourage me to renew the license..... ;)

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Cool, works great.


I see that what used to be my "Aux" temp got changed to "Motherboard," which makes sense.  But my old "Motherboard" temp got switched to "North Bridge".  Would that be the CPU NB or the mobo?  It seems to follow closely with the CPU's temperature, so I'm thinking it's that.


The VRMs are in there, my RAM voltage is in there now... cool... 



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