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System Stability Test and Stress GPU (TdrDelay warning message)

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It's quite self-explanatory I believe :)  There's a Windows video driver setting used for video driver recovery purposes.  If it's set too low, the OpenCL kernel that AIDA64 uses for GPU stressing may cause Windows to think the video driver has stopped responding.  In which case Windows would restart the video driver, which would then break the AIDA64 GPU stress testing cycle.  So it's best to have the TdrDelay value configured at a high level.  AIDA64 will check the TdrDelay value, and if it's lower than 8 seconds, it will show you that popup warning message.  If you let it fix the issue for you, it will increase the TdrDelay value to 8 seconds.

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On ‎2017‎. ‎06‎. ‎13‎. at 2:53 PM, tistou77 said:

Thanks for the explanation
I do not know the values, hence my question

This value is changed all the time, or until the next reboot ?


It's changed permanently, but the change is only applied after the first Windows restart after altering the Registry TdrDelay value.

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On ‎2018‎. ‎02‎. ‎03‎. at 6:25 PM, Mastah said:

I receive the same message and click "No". And now gpu stability test doesn't work even if i change the TdrDelay value in regedit. Can you help me in this question?
My config notebook asus x201e (celeron 847, HD Graphics 2000), the latest drivers are installed.

Your notebook features an Intel Sandy Bridge class iGPU that doesn't support OpenCL.  AIDA64 GPU stress test and GPGPU benchmarks require a GPU that supports OpenCL.

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