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Main window locks trying to open Preferences(i7-7700K + Asus Strix Z270H Gaming + Gigabyte GTX 1070)


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Sorry for the delay I got sick and forgot about the issue until I tried to go to preferences today lol. I open the main window from the Aida64 icon in the system tray then I click file/preferences and nothing. It is locked at this point and then I have to end task in the task manager and restart Aida64.

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Hi I just updated this morning and it still is not working right but not actually locking. I found the preferences window in the task manager, but it will not show up on the desktop anywhere but at least I can close it in the task manager. I will try to go to one monitor and see if that brings it back. Nope same problem with one monitor so the preferences window is invisible for me lol. I hope this helps.

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