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New LCD device support: Matrix Orbital GTT


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We've added support for Matrix Orbital GTT color graphical LCD displays. The only connection method currently supported is USB.


You can enable the LCD device from AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / LCD / Matrix Orbital GTT. You need to have the appropriate Matrix Orbital USB LCD drivers installed, and the LCD to be connected to a USB port.

Note: GTT displays implement a slow serial connection which makes frame updates a bit sluggish.

You can find the new AIDA64 beta update at:


Please let us know if you find any difficulties enabling or using this new feature. Also let us know if you've got another kind of LCD device that is currently unsupported by AIDA64.


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2 hours ago, btmouse said:

Looking forward to some cheap screens  :)

Have you checked romP44's EastRising ER-OLEDM032 (SSD1322) device?  AIDA64 has full support for that, and in my opinion it's a superb display with a great price/value ratio.


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12 hours ago, Fiery said:

你检查过romP44的EastRising ER-OLEDM032(SSD1322)设备吗?AIDA64完全支持它,在我看来,它是一个极好的显示器,具有很高的性价比。


I  from china  ,in the chinese market (alibaba)

3.12 inch  SPI  OLED Module SSD1322 Drive IC 256*64    price is  120 CNY(≈18 USD)

FTDI FT232h USB chip (UM232H-B-WE)   price is  150CNY(≈22 USD)

but AX206 LCD  before price is   9.9CNY   and  free shipping !

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