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New OLED Displays - Asus ROG Ryuo & ROG Ryujin


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On ‎10‎/‎30‎/‎2018 at 1:22 PM, btmouse said:

The LiveDash software utility lets you easily customize ROG Ryuo's LiveDash OLED display,

may be similar in principle Corsair link

We've analyzed the way Asus Ryuo and Ryujin water coolers handle their built-in OLED screens, and we're afraid of them using their own integrated flash memory to store the image that is uploaded to the device and then gets displayed on the OLED screen.  In which case a software like AIDA64 -- one that overwrites the image one to ten times a second -- could very quickly wear out the flash memory of the device and kill the display basically.  We're not 100% sure about this, since it's just our theory, but we've asked Asus about it and waiting for their response.

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yes it uses a permanently setup 4mb identified as usb drive to store that stuff like images.    ASUS is starting to move this functionality into Armory Crate software.  Armory Crate is the consolidation of all of it's older software such as AURA Sync, Live Dash, Armory etc.. into one cohesive interface.  

You can control fan speeds from it as well as AURA lighting, component configurations and all system updates such as bios, drivers, software etc.  directly from the new platform.  So even stuff for the Ryujin and Ryou is moved and being bug fixed from Live Dash to Armory Crate. 

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