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The new Check for Updates and Automatic Online Update features


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Please note that this feature is only the first step. We call it "Check for Updates" because it only checks for updates, notifies you, and if you want to update, it will open up the relevant download web page of aida64.com (e.g. http://www.aida64.com/downloads/aida64extremebuild1629v4wsd0ynzczip ). We'll release a few updates next week to let you see and test how this new feature works.

2 new options about the Check for Updates feature has been implemented in the AIDA64 Preferences (main menu / File / Preferences / General).

The next step will be an Automatic Update feature that will not only notify you, but also automatically download and install the update. We're planning to roll that out in the next few months, hopefully before the end of 2011. We'll spend the coming weeks to gather feedbacks on the Check for Updates feature, and collect statistics to see what traffic shall we expect to hit our servers when the Automatic Update feature goes live.

As for the 1629 beta issue: it is normal that way. The Check for Updates feature checks the list of available updates, and lists all of them with indicating "(new)" or "(old)" in the NetUpdate window. The only version so far to support Check for Updates is Beta Build 1629, and the only update available is the same build. So it will list the 1629 update as an old one, and tell you that there're no new updates available.



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We've just released the first AIDA64 beta that implements the Automatic Online Update feature:


After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade.

Please note that the fully automated online update will only work if you have a valid AIDA64 license. With illegal license keys only the web download link will be offered, and the user will have to manually perform the upgrade by downloading the new ZIP package and extracting it to the existing AIDA64 installation folder.

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Auto Download/Install worked beautifully... 2 thoughts.

1. I save the unpacked file in case I have to do a reinstall... is it possible to specify where to save a copy? (& remember location)

2. lesser importance, but an option to view release notes would be nice also.

Great stuff, thank you.

Edit: I think I said that wrong... I save the zip file, not the unpacked program files

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We've just released AIDA64 Beta Build 1651. It's available for auto-update, or can be downloaded from:


It implements the requested new option in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / General. During the auto-update process AIDA64 will place not only the ZIP package in that folder, but also the changelog in a TXT file.

The changlog can also be seen as a list item hint in the NetUpdate window. The hint will appear while you hover the mouse cursor over the bottom part of the window, where AIDA64 lists the available updates with their corresponding version, date and file size info.

We've also added more tricks about the auto-update, e.g. from the next update it will pop up a bubble over the System Tray icon after a successful update stating how many new devices have we added to the AIDA64 Hardware Database.

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Just a thought! I appreciate feature rich software as much as the next guy but, unless your a tech working on many machines, updating weekly for hardware changes that I'll only ever make when I upgrade my computer is an annoyance not a benefit! if you get what I mean? :wub:

Default setting for AIDA64 automatic updates is update only to stable releases. It means AIDA64 will update itself only cca. 6-8 times a year.

By default AIDA64 Business Edition will have the automatic update feature disabled, to avoid issues in enterprise networks.

Of course you can override those settings in the Preferences if you want to update to weekly beta releases.

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