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Not Working Anymore On G510


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I have got the same problem with logitech gaming software 8.20.74

The software ran fine before the update.

When i go on preference:


Im using the Trial version on x64 Computer.

If the problem fix

I'll buy AIDA64 today because it is really good.

Sorry for my bad english.

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There seems to be a bug in Logitech Gaming Software under Windows 8 that sometimes prevents AIDA64 from detecting the connected devices.  We'll do more test runs with the latest Logitech Gaming Software, and will try to come up with a workaround until Logitech could fix it from their end.

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I am running Windows 7 64 bit.  I also have the problem that when enabling Logitech's LCD under Aida64 I get the error "LCD Init Failed."  However I just noticed that another non-Logitech applet for the LCD screen for a game is also no longer displaying on the LCD screen even though its applet is checked in Logitech's Gaming Software.  I have tried uninstalling the version I had (lgs840 64) and re-installing the latest version (lgs846 64) and still not applets besides those included in the Logitech bundle will appear.  Anyone have an idea of what I am missing?  Thanks

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