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Only first transparent PNG image works properly?


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Was attempting to make it easier to change the colors of one of my sensorpanels by using a separate colored background with transparent PNG files to overlay on top of the color block. Tested this method and it worked fabulously for the first sensor item, so I started making minor modifications to the overlay files when I discovered that only the first transparent PNG file that I load works properly. Any subsequent transparent PNG that I load seems to have issue with transparency where it shouldn't. I've recreated this multiple times now assuming that it was my error in generating the PNGs, but I wanted to see if anybody else can recreate to see if this is a bug.

Version 6.70.6000

4/11/2022 build date



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  • WayBadMojo changed the title to Only first transparent PNG image works properly?
On 5/17/2022 at 11:37 PM, WayBadMojo said:

Confirmed that this is only an issue with transparent PNG files exported from Paint.Net, please delete this discussion.

Thank you for letting us know about the nature of the issue.  We will leave this here in a hope that others -- who may run into the same issue -- may learn from it.

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