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RSLCD Viewer - New app for displaying RSLCD Panel easier on monitors


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35 minutes ago, IAmOrion said:


Right.... So I LOVE the RSLCD concept, but don't wanna keep faffing with browser blah blah.... I wanted a simple, minimal, stand-alone app I could launch 

So, in the last 6 hours, I've installed Visual Studio 2022, learned some basic c#, learned c# windows applications (Both WinForms & WPF methods), and then I've put together what I'm calling the "RSLCD Browser" .

So, here's the details for the Alpha build...

LCD > Enable RemoteSensor LCD Support -- This MUST be enabled.  Please ensure TCP/IP Port is 80 (default)

When you run the program, it will open to the top left most of your screen.  Simply drag the window anywhere you want by left clicking your mouse then dragging!  When you exit the program, it will remember it's window location the next time it restarts.  This includes size, position, and even which monitor it's on.

There's no taskbar icon, only a System Tray Icon that will show up.  Right clicking the system tray icon will give you 2 options.  Settings, and Exit.  Exit should be obvious.  Settings will open up a simple settings window where you can set the panel size.  By default it starts on 800x480.  Adjust your numbers, hit save.  the main window will automatically resize to your settings.

There is no "Title bar" or any other controls on the main window - it is purely the RSLCD Panel (Basically a web browser - it uses the webView2 component from MS)

I want to stress that this is purely an ALPHA build.  Minimalistic and crude would be an understatement 

Things to add in future versions:

- Option to set URL (Although currently AIDA64 user localost/ with no option for anything else BUT this app could be used with a different remotesensor monitoring thing I guess should one exist)

- Option to set TCP/IP Port

- Option to "Run on startup"

I've only tested this on my Windows 11 PC
.NET 4.7.2 framework is required however most Windows computers will (should?) have this already.


Main window with settings also showing (The Animated Sonic RSLCD is from this thread)




Icon right click (context menu)



Fair warning, it's a 20mb .exe file (ZIP Compressed to 6mb to share) - I have done zero research on optimizing etc.  This is simply the file size as it was created via Visual Studio as an AIO file (Meaning all required .dll files etc etc are packaged into the exe similar to a portable app)

I'm open to other ideas/suggestions, constructive feedback etc but PLEASE, I've learned, created, published this in like 6 hours starting from zero knowledge ha so don't expect miracles requests to happen overnight!

Once it's been a little more refined I will upload source to GitHub 

370919421_RSLCDBrowser-Alpha1.0.zip 5.12 MB · 2 downloads

That's really nice thanks for sharing, I'll be here and create some layout.

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27 minutes ago, ForumWT said:

How about CPU usage while app run in the background ? I ask because of WebView2.

Haven't looked at that yet! Will have to test it at some point though.

I want to get it to a point where I'm happy with what it does, then I'll worry about optimization.

With that said, as far as I know, the RemoteSensor is always updating the webpage, so the webview itself doesn't have to do anything other than the initial load really.  Somethings to check for sure

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  • IAmOrion changed the title to RSLCD Viewer - New app for displaying RSLCD Panel easier on monitors
On 7/5/2022 at 7:08 AM, ForumWT said:

How about CPU usage while app run in the background ? I ask because of WebView2.

There isn't much you can do about this - WebView2 is just the browser rendering engine. All browsers will use a bit of CPU time to render the RSLCD panel - it isn't going to use appreciably more or less via different viewing methods.

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3 hours ago, The Next Decor said:

It would be great to have source code

However, I was inspired to create something similar for my Windows. It's a simple app that works through webview.

I made a similar app for my android tablet a few months ago, with just one option to enter IP.

If you go to the NEW post thread here 


It has the source code to download

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6 hours ago, Awol said:

Think the app is a great idea so ive installed it however what do i have to do to get the panel to show on there ? Ip is set to localhost which is what i use for my browser but all i have is a blank screen ????????

Interesting.... I'll test.  Have you tried setting the ip to instead of localhost? Can you screenshot your settings for me?

I just tested using http://localhost and mine works fine.  Can you send me the RSLCD file you're using?  Just to clarify, it works for you in browser, but *not* in the app?

Thinking about it - which version are you using?

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3 minutes ago, Awol said:

Works in the browser not the app, screenshot attached of the settings plus version of aida64 in use. As you can see its just a white block, tried http://localhost and and both the same.

Screenshot 2022-07-21 172442.png

Would you mind sharing the RSLCD setup with me? (Can be in PM if you don't want it shared in public) - I just want to test it to ensure it's not failing due to something in the panel itself.

What version of Windows are you running? 

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22 minutes ago, Awol said:

Found out the issue. I was just watching the youtube vid you had posted and noticed you were using webview2, this wasnt installed on my pc even though its win10 pro 64. Installed and now working :)

Ahhhhhh I did wonder that (hence asking windows version).... looks like I need to add in a check to make sure that it's installed and if not, alert the user to download and install! 

Sorry about that! Glad you got it working now though

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