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Any App for Razer DeathStalker Ultimate?


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4 hours ago, NahuelCC said:

Thanks for testing this out! Please can you report to Razer the bug you've found too?

I will report it, but Razer showed 0 interest in the Switchblade UI during the last few years. I don't know if they would care if only a single user reports this issue. Maybe there is a better chance of them fixing this bug if FinalWare ask them.

The problem with us reporting the bug is 2-fold:

1) We're not an actual customer to them, even though we own a few Razer test devices.

2) The sort of automatic response would be that it's the fault of AIDA64, and that we're using the protocol incorrectly.  And since it's no way to downgrade Synapse (AFAIK) to an older release to check if it works, and then gradually upgrade to newer and newer releases in "baby steps", we alone cannot test this whole issue in the classic way.  The classic way of bug-hunting is to go back in time until we can find a point where the protocol works fine on both ends -- but with the silly cloud and fully automated manner of Synapse, this isn't possible.

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10 hours ago, NahuelCC said:

Yeah, I wanted to downgrade to test which was the last version of Synapse that worked with AIDA64, then I realized it's impossible to downgrade.

I understand what you mean, I also thought they will give me an automatic response like: "AIDA64's fault, reinstall drivers, unplug the keyboard, try on a different PC, reinstall windows, move to another country, etc.", but they actually asked me to provide some logs files.

I reported the bug via live chat with a Razer representative. I showed the video and pointed them to this thread. This was their response:

I provided them with the logs files and pointed out that the issue is independent from my system configuration (both hardware and software), since the exact same bug was replicated by FinalWare AIDA64's developers on their test machines.

They seem to be helpful on this, which is indeed a rarity these days.  Let's see if they could replicate the issue on their own test systems.  If they ask you about it, feel free to let them know that we are more then happy to work with them to resolve this issue, as long as they're fine with communicating us directly (in email, preferably).

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On ‎2017‎. ‎06‎. ‎21‎. at 11:38 AM, NahuelCC said:

Yes, I wasn't expecting for them to be so receptive. Let's hope they actually try to solve the issue.

I will ask them next week. You could PM an email address to put you in contact.

I've sent you my email address in private message ;)

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On ‎2017‎. ‎06‎. ‎28‎. at 1:03 AM, NahuelCC said:

but could you please implement a hotkey for disabling the LCD support? That would be really useful to me.

Disabling would be possible, but enabling it is not possible, since there's no single switch to enable "all LCD" modules.  Disabling all LCD modules is easy, since usually you have only one enabled (in your case, Razer).  But it would be quite overkill and risky to implement a global "enable all LCD" modules, due to the complexity and diversity of various LCD protocols...

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18 hours ago, NahuelCC said:

I understand. Would it be possible to enable/disable an specific LCD module?

It was my mistake not to clarify that I only wanted to disable the Razer module, not all of them.  :P

I know :) The problem with such approach is that AIDA64 supports over 50 LCD protocols, and it's not the best idea to cherry-pick from them.  And we don't want to implement 100 more separate hot-key options either, to cover enabling+disabling the 50 different LCD protocols :)

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On 7/29/2017 at 9:02 PM, NahuelCC said:

I understand that it would be a hassle to implement a lot of hotkey options for each LCD protocol... but the LCD module for the Razer Deathstalker is broken with the current update of Synapse. I know is not AIDA64 fault, but the LCD panel is currently unusable. That's why I believe a workaround is necessary, otherwise you might as well remove the Razer module :(

If you could make an exception, implementing a single hotkey for enabling/disabling the module wouldn't be so hard to do.

We've added the requested new hot key in the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme available at:


After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade.

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