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Diagnostic (Stress?) Test For NVIDIA Video Card


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​I have a NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 video card that I've been having nightmarish crash problems with. It's the same problem that thousands of other users are having with the message: "Display Driver NVIDIA Kernel Mode Driver Version xxx.xx (the version number is irrelevant because it changes with every update but nothing ever improves) Stopped Responding And Has Successfully Recovered".  NVIDIA Support, while never giving a definitive fix for this problem, does have a number of troubleshooting suggestions (which thus far have gone nowhere) but one was to obtain AIDA64 Extreme and run a diagnostic on the VRAM in my video card to see if it's good or if it fails. Thus far I have not been able to determine exactly how to do that with AIDA64 and was wondering if someone could give me some guidance here?  I need to run it on the VRAM only and not some other component.  Also, are they referring to a "stress test" as an actual diagnostic, or is there some true diagnostic that will analyze the VRAM and let me know if it has a problem, kind of like MemTest would do for your computer's RAM.  Another suggestion they had was to test the Power Supply Unit (PSU); I think that's a bit of a "red herring" but I'm willing to try; is there a diagnostic test for that in AIDA64 as well?  Thanks and standing by...

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1) AIDA64 System Stability Test includes a GPU subtest that stresses video adapters via OpenCL.  It's a generic stress test, so it doesn't focus on the VRAM specifically, but perform compute tasks to stress both the GPU and the VRAM.  There is no dedicated VRAM stress test in AIDA64, and quite frankly, I don't know any software that would do that.  It would be possible to develop such a software, so maybe one day someone will come up with it.


2) It's not possible to specifically stress or diagnose the PSU, since it's not a smart component.  It cannot run tests or any other tasks, it just provides power for the other system components.  It is possible however to run such a stress test with AIDA64 that draws the most power from the PSU, so it effectively stresses the PSU as much as possible.  Just open the AIDA64 System Stability Test, only enable (tick) the FPU subtest there, and press the Start button.  In some cases it is best to enable GPU subtest as well, to stress both the CPU and GPU.





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