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The whole nVIDIA Pascal GPU family -- with PCI device IDs


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Ever wondered how big the new nVIDIA Pascal GPU family would turn out to be? Here's the whole list of Pascal SKUs, with their respective PCI device IDs. Enjoy!

Note: The list contains a few Maxwell IDs as well, in order to clarify the difference between GMxxx-A and GMxxx-B PCI device regions.

Note #2: GM200-B may have been a second iteration, an optimized variant of the original GM200, but never reached the market. Could have been a plan B in case Pascal slips to late 2016 or 2017.


15F0 Graphics Device [GP100GL-A]

15F1 Graphics Device [GP100GL-A]


1725 Graphics Device [GP100-B]

172E Graphics Device [GP100-B]


1B6F Graphics Device [GP102-B]


1B80 GeForce GTX 1080 [GP104-A]


1C02 Graphics Device [GP106-A]


1CC2 Graphics Device [GP107-B]


1D01 Graphics Device [GP108-A]



Click for the full list of PCI IDs here.

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