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Support Motion GIF or Motion PNG Images


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I think it would be awesome if you could add support for Motion "animated" PNG or Gif files.  so we could make custom sensor panel images for fans, temp, ect.   Or so we can make custom gauges and bar images that continuously move.  even though it supports PNG. it just won't work with the Motion PNG or Gif Files. 

like this one. LoadingCircle_finalani.gif


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In order to enable such a feature, it would be necessary to re-render the SensorPanel 30 or more times a second, which would put quite a load on the system.  And certain users already complain about the "high" (2 or 3%) CPU load that the monitoring and SensorPanel rendering layer of AIDA64 puts on the system. So I'm afraid we're not planning to implement the requested feature.


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With cpus getting 16 or more core, it should maybe be a feature now, no? Maybe the user could check a mark in config to enable something like this. It's probably one of the last lack of Aida64 imo.


Maybe you could propose a tick option, to allow this to be possible warning users that it is more ressource consuming. Would it be possible?

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This the the reason I've used .rslcd instead of .sensorpanel many times - because it supports animated gifs and runs in a browser window.

Maybe there is a way to use the custom gauge in sensor panel to simulate animation, but instead of being tied to a sensor, just run it on a timer - at least that would allow a sort of 16-frame animation, albeit a relatively slow and jerky one since the entire panel has to be rendered each time, but at least it's something.  


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