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The Sensor Panel does not work for me.

As you can see Aida64 is running an I have other active Gadgeds but get always "Aida64 is not running or the Sidebar support is disabled".


Fixed: I have to enable File -> Preferences -> Vista Sidebar -> "Enable Vista Sidebar Support"

But If I enable "Show SensorPanel" I only get a blue field without values.

post-23-022458600 1308242567_thumb.jpg

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1) You don't need to enable the Vista Sidebar feature. It is a completely separate feature from the SensorPanel feature.

2) Once you enable the SensorPanel feature in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / SensorPanel, and press OK to close the Preferences, an empty blue window will appear. You will then need to use the right-click menu on the blue SensorPanel to add new items of your choice. In default we don't show any items on the SensorPanel, since everyone will have a different approach on which items to be shown on his panel. However, since the "empty blue panel" caused a confusion for many of our users, from the next beta version we'll start the SensorPanel with a minimal set of default items already shown there, e.g. CPU temperature, motherboard temperature, etc. Of course you'll be able to remove the pre-configured items if you want, and replace them with your choices.

BTW, our demo SensorPanel that we show off on screen shots is just an example of what you can achieve if you fiddle a lot around the SensorPanel feature :( We'll publish the settings for our demo SensorPanel, so you can replicate the same looks if you want, or use it as a base to make a customized panel.

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I have a formatting question on the SensorPanel and have been unsuccessful in location a help file on it.

I understand the "Label" is left justified within "Total width", and the "Unit" placement is left justified at the "Total width" less the "Unit width", with the value right justified to the left of the Unit. lol, hope that makes sense.

My question is, how does "Bar width" relate to "Total width"?

edit: omg, I'm a Newbie :(

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Bar width can be set at any value. It can even be wider than the total width of the sensor item :( The placement (location) of the bar is selected by the Place setting on the Bar tab. You need to try all 4 possible placement settings to see which one means what. The last one (3-line) is designed to be used for vertical bars.

Vertical bars can be configured if you select a smaller bar width value than the bar height value.

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