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Help in Aida64 extreme sys stability test please.

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Hi guys :) New to the forum. 

I am using an old version of Aida64 extreme to overclock my i5 4690k on a cooler master hyper 212 evo ( im sure you this combination 1000 times already, lol sorry ).

I follow what jayztwocents from you tube and others have told me to do so far. I slightly overclock my chip keep the frequency on fixed ( msi gaming 5 bios) , boot into windows, run intel burn test 10 times on standard, 1 times of very high and then run 1 hour of AIDA64 EXTREME system stability test. 

Am I doing this right or do I need to set my frequency from fixed to dynamic before the system stability test? 

The reason I ask is that when I ran IBT with the frequency on dynamic it kept cutting out, apparently it could be down to the test drawing to much power as it is on dynamic, but as the system stability test is just that I'm not sure what to set it on and what I can consider a pass. 

Any help and advice would be appreciated. 

Also any pointers to AIDA64 Extreme test guides too.


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It's best to run the AIDA64 System Stability Test with a setting that you would choose as your regular configuration.  If you use your computer with fixed frequencies, then run the AIDA64 stress test with those settings.

One hour is fine for a quick check, but a few hours would be best to assure the whole system gets heated up to the maximum levels for a longer period of time.  It's also best to run the FPU subtest alone once, and then when it doesn't reveal any issues, enable all the other tests.  The FPU subtest is a very demanding test, one that is great to check the thermal solution and reveal any throttling activities under heavy load.  On the other hand, when you enable all subtests, a mixed workload is put on your system, and although temperatures will be lower, certain stability issues can only be found that way.

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