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Windows 8 CP (Sidebar gadget background color)


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Aida is working perfectly on Win8 CP, but I am unable to change the background color of the sidebar. The only color that changes is the border, while the rest is staying white. I can change the color of the Sidebar items.

Is there a fix for this?


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Thank you for the screen shot. We've tested it with Win8 CP, and it seems to be a bug in the gadget handling of Win8. Please note that Win8 is still in the beta stage, so unexpected issues can come up anywhere, anytime basically ;)

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Hi.Another problem with the sidebar gadget is: I started my computer this morning, but the gadget shows me that my pc is since for more than 16 hours.At this moment the pc is not more than 4 hours in use.May be a problem with a sensor ? thanks.

In order to find out whether it's a gadget-related issue or a flaw in AIDA64's engine, please check the UpTime on the Operating System / Operating System page of AIDA64 as well. Let us know what can you find out.

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Time checked and it´s normal.

Under Windows 8 Consumer Preview, it is normal that Windows shows all uptime, even when I shutdown my PC.

But the problem continues with the sidebar gadget.

I updated to latest version: 1847, and now I can´t find the option to change background color of sidebar gadget.

It only shows me following options:



But nothing to change background color.


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The gadget will be updated in the next beta. We'll also remove APIC clock measurement in the next AIDA64 beta, since that -- under Win8 Consumer Preview -- causes issues with CPU core clock measurement and benchmark results calculation as well. A bit more things have changed between Win8 Developer Preview and Win8 Consumer Preview than we expected. Who knows, maybe the Win8 Release Candidate will revamp even more things internally, on the Windows kernel level...

Anyway, I'll post a message into this topic once the new AIDA64 beta is available.

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