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Fan Speed Control


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System tools for nvidia

and CCC includes the capability afaik,

Has nVidia System Tools (nTune) been updated? To my knowledge it hasn't been revised to accommodate nVidia's own 500 series GPUs. The most recent version is 6.06 from April, 2010. The last time that I installed it, half the options were grayed out and the fan control was buggy.

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i would have to disagree with this... there is enough tools adjusting fan speed now as it is. hell the driver can do it by itself if people would dump their precisions and afterburners and install the required software/


Enough? Bullshit. There is no software to control the fan speed.

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another +1 for this feature.

I have an Asus X99 and with AiSuite I can control my fans based on CPU temperature but no way to increase air flow when my open air SLI starts becaming hot if the CPU is not that hot.


Basically I would like to control two of my case fan based on GPU and not CPU.

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