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When Aida64 is running with sensor panel in the background, there is random audio drops when I play any youtube video. It does not seems to affect the video, only the audio break up for a split second. Once the I exit aida64 in the notification area, the intermittent audio drop stop occurring. There is a particular order that it happens, Aida64 MUST start first and load youtube video next will cause it to happen but not vice versa. Sometimes playing xbox music in the background could trigger this audio drop, but it occur more often in youtube.


OS-Win 8.1

Processor, i5 3570K

Ram- 16GB

youtube flash version-

Asus MB P8Z77-V Pro

Asus 670GTX x2 SLi



The motherboard support DTS output, and the optical cable is connected to a AV receiver. The receiver decodes DTS and the logo disappears whenever the audio dropout happens, so it is very annoying and obvious. This has never happen before, even when I play intensive games, the audio has never drop out. I kind of suspect it is due to the polling of the sensors and it is affecting the latency or DPC that could cause this.


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Can you please check it with DPC Latency Checker? It would be important to confirm whether this is caused by DPC spikes.

Also, in a situation when the audio drops occur, please try to right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> HWMon Modules, and disable first the GPU module. Then check if it fixes the issues. If not, then one by one try to disable the Motherboard module, and then the HDD module, and then the rest of the modules. Let me know how it goes.



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I did extensive test on the modules in AIDA64, ver 4.60.


Here are my results. Firstly none of the HW Mon Modules is causing the latency spikes, since disable all the modules, the latency spikes still occurs and there is no change in the spike pattern or durations.

The latency when all modules are enabled.



The latency when all modules are disabled.



Another peculiar thing that happens is the latency spikes gone crazy once I right click and select CPU Tweakings. Mind you I did not click any of the measurements at ALL.




Talk about serious lag.


So there should be something that is causing the spikes since exiting AIDA64, the latency spikes disappear totally. But how to find the smoking gun? Well I disabled ALL the sensors options in Preferences, Stability and exited and restarted AIDA64 and the latency spikes are gone.


Next I tested each and every sensors options by restarting and exiting. Finally the ONLY option that has caused the spike is "Low Level MSR operations", once this is disabled, even selecting CPU tweaking no longer cause any latency spikes. None of the other sensor options in any combinations causes the latency spikes.




There you have it, all is well.

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Thank you for the test runs. It means one of the MSR register readouts cause the DPC latency spikes on your system. On your processor AIDA64 requires a lot of MSR readouts to detect/measure various values, like CPU multiplier, CPU BCLK (FSB), NB (uncore) clock, memory clock, CPU power measurement, etc. Not easy to get rid of the MSR readouts, you would lose too many vital information then :(

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