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Monitoring HDD activity


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I love AIDA64, esp the Sensor Panel. I use it on a third monitor to watch system activity and info. However, I'm finding I don't have an option to monitor HDD activity. I have several hard drives and currently use a widget to monitor activity on a given drive (KBps read and write, displayed separately). Is there anything in the works for this in the future for AIDA64 and in the Sensor Panel? Really it would be any logical drive activity, so SSD, HDD, USB external drive, etc. Also sorry if this is posted elsewhere, the forum search feature doesn't let one search by "hdd" as it isn't four characters or more. I couldn't find anything else trying other searches.

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We've implemented disk activity measurement in the latest AIDA64 beta update available at:


Please note that the Performance tab of Windows Task Manager seems to measure the read and write speeds not in the classic MB/s or GB/s measurement units. It uses a divisor of 1000 instead of 1024, and that leads to displaying higher values than AIDA64. We stick to using the classic divisor and classic interpretation of MB/s and GB/s.

Also note that the current hardware monitor module of AIDA64 supports up to 10 disk drives when measuring disk activity. If you have more drives and would like us to expand the limit of 10 drives, let me know.

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