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The System Stability Test


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Hi, I have but together a new PC, so i thought i would find the over-clock limit of my old PC :rolleyes:

I finished some stability tests after over-clocking my old PC. I tested it with Intel Burn Test and Prime95, both went without any errors. Both have been going for several hours each.

So i thought i test with Aida64, but after 7 min. with Aida64 System stability test, i got BSOD. if i lower BCLK the Aida64 Stress test goes just fine. (I don't dare increase voltage anymore)

If it's unstable, shouldn't both Intel Burn Test and Prime95 detect that?

I also noted that the temp got a few degrees higher with Aida64, than the two other tests. 65C. After 7 min of Aida 64, vs. 63C on both Intel Burn Test and Prime95 after hours.

(read all temps with Aida64 if that matters at all, not that 2 degrees DOES matter :P ).

So I'm left wondering if Aida64 is better to test stability and temp than the other two, or is it just that my PC don't like the Aida64 stress test?

I wont bother trying to get 12h of Aida64 stress test flawlessly, if its just some weird hiccup from Aida64 <_< (get BSOD every time i try it, and only with AIDA64)

Or if they have just made the best torture test, my hats of to the Aida64 team :D

Or i just have to conclude that my computer have developed a sense of humor, and wants to fu** with me :blink:

And if Aida64 Stress Test is better, should i just skip Intel Burn Test and Prime95 in the future?

Everywhere i read people recommends mainly Intel Burn Test or Prime95 and a few others. Never seen Aida64 been recommended.

Anyone else noticed any of this?

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Every burn tests and stress tests use different patterns, different approach to put the system under heavy load, and try revealing any stability issues. AIDA64 System Stability Test is probably the most up-to-date of all, since we follow technology evolution on almost a daily basis. It already utilizes such cutting-edge techniques like AVX and XOP instructions, and generally capable of putting greater stress on the computer than other solutions. Hence -- to us -- it is no surprise AIDA64 System Stability Test is the one that can reveal the instability issue on your system ;)

BTW, the thermal stressing is also an area that we work on very hard, to make sure AIDA64 can heat the computer up very quickly and efficiently. If your computer can stand AIDA64 Stability Test both thermal-wise and stability-wise, then it is a well-built and well-tuned computer ;)



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