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AIDA64 Plugin for AlphaCool LCD

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Thank you for supporting the AlphaCool LCD natively in AIDA64.  It works great!  One question, though.  In the old AlphaLCD software, there was an option to blank the screen and turn off the LCD backlight when Windows shuts down.  Is there anything similar in AIDA64?  As it stands right now, AIDA64 leaves the display turned on when I shut down my computer.  Thanks.




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AlphaCool LCD support requires the AlphaCool LibUSB drivers to be installed. Just install the AlphaCool software bundle, and it should install the driver too.

I'm afraid that's not possible. But, here's a new AIDA64 update that now implements support for all 4 rotation options (0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees) for AlphaCool and Samsung SPF L

Please try this link: http://users.aida64.com/alphacool_lcd_driver_2_1.zip

Posted Images

If I exit AIDA64 while Windows is still running, it blanks the LCD and turns off the backlight, as desired.  But if I shut down Windows without manually exiting AIDA64 first, then the LCD gets left on.

It sounds a bit odd. Are you shutting down Windows, or putting the computer to sleep or standby or hibernation? And what motherboard and Windows do you use? We'll try to reproduce the issue on a similar test system if possible.

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We've fixed the LCD blanking issues at Windows shutdown, system restart, sleep and standby. Please upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme available at:


After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade.

Let me know how it works.

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old thread but may as well ask here , the built in support for the alphacool does it use it,s own usb driver?  the SDC Megatron works fine with all the software installed all i do is disable it, the alpha though it does not start i.e init failed, but the software/driver is installed, the odd thing now though if i try the second alpha screen that works never did before, got asked to test this a while ago just did not have the time, must be a conflict somewhere. 

got to say love this built in support it has been a while as well lol.

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You can draw up anything you like on a 240 x 128 picture (I used Adobe Fireworks to do that) and then just put the values and text into place.

It takes a bit of time and fiddling around with the Aida64 editor but it is worth it in the end.


Here is the background without any values from Aida64:


You can Save the image if you want to use it.


First thing you need to do in the editor is choose "Image" and browse for where you saved this picture.

Then you can add values and text and put them into place using the arrows in the editor.




I used Histogram type graphs for CPU / VGA / NIC Download and Upload rate (note that they cannot be smaller than 10 x 10 pixels)

The rest is just Static Labels and Simple Sensor Items.

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Hi there....


I've got an Alphacool LCD since 2006...

but i only worked with him for 2 years...

Since 2008 ...its on the box :(


Now i have a modern computer and wanted to activate the lcd again to show me temps, rpm, etc etc...


can any of you guys show a tutorial how to put this awesome lcd back to work with aida64 for me.....


having dificulties to install everything...


thankx in advance.

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Just a quick guide, please let me know if you have difficulties with this, and at which point do you have issues:

1) Connect the AlphaCool LCD to the USB port of your computer

2) Download and install the latest version of AlphaLCD: AlphaLCD Beta

3) Start AIDA64 (latest version: v5.20), go to main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / LCD, select the AlphaCool tab, and tick the checkbox to enable the AlphaCool LCD support

4) It should say "AlphaCool Init OK" with green colour once you've enabled the checkbox

5) Keep the Preferences open, and go to the next page called LCD Items. Press the New button or double-click in the empty list of items to add a new item to your LCD layout. If you have difficulties building your layout, refer to the following video:

Note that the 2 most popular AIDA64 visual monitoring modules, SensorPanel and LCD both use the same layout building solution and the same rendering engine. So whatever you read or watch about SensorPanel, will also apply to the LCD module.

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I would like to thank very much to everyone that made this here possible, the devs and the users. Your efforts made a part of my pc that was just there and did nothing for years to become alive again and show all the things that I like.


Many many thanks!


Best regards,




P.S. Did I mention it, that I am very very glad that it works from within the AIDA? No need to use AlphaCool's SW anymore... YAY! :D

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Please excuse my English school was 20 years ago :mellow:

Thanks for the Great performance that your team delivers here . :)

Will it even be possible to operate the display vertically so that I could block the display standing ?

Greeting Michael

We've implemented portrait mode support for AlphaCool displays in the latest AIDA64 Extreme beta update available at:


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Thank you ;)


Np, imop you all need and others need a bigger thank you for making Alphalcd useful again :)  have you noticed the screens are for sale again you can even get the external surround i always thought they stopped doing them years ago. 

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