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AIDA64 Plugin for AlphaCool LCD

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AlphaCool LCD support requires the AlphaCool LibUSB drivers to be installed. Just install the AlphaCool software bundle, and it should install the driver too.

I'm afraid that's not possible. But, here's a new AIDA64 update that now implements support for all 4 rotation options (0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees) for AlphaCool and Samsung SPF L

Please try this link: http://users.aida64.com/alphacool_lcd_driver_2_1.zip

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I joined this forum just for this. I use Aida64 and i m really happy with it. But i used to use my Alphacool lcd and evererst while gaming and while folding with my screen off. Now my alphacool lcd is useless. Do you have any updates on this matter plz?

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I joined this forum just for this. I use Aida64 and i m really happy with it. But i used to use my Alphacool lcd and evererst while gaming and while folding with my screen off. Now my alphacool lcd is useless. Do you have any updates on this matter plz?

As I've stated above:

In order to let us come up with our own AIDA64 plugin for AlphaCool, we would need either:

1) The source code or the uncompressed DLL image for acEverest.dll,


2) Guidelines (SDK, programming documentation) on how to develop a new AlphaCool plugin from scratch

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Also, I was wondering if there were or could be any plans to introduce support for the all-in-one water cooling solutions on the market. Antec and Corsair have similar systems made by Asetek. They seem to work with people really well so maybe they would even provide a plugin or something. Just a though.

I attached a pic of the software that comes with the antec 920 that I own. But Corsair also has their own systems with the Corsair Link software that maybe could be integrated. It would be nice to just use the Aida interface instead of all the ones I have to use. Thanks Much!



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Good idea, although please note that Corsair Link is not officially released yet. We're working with Corsair on implementing Corsair Link support in AIDA64. We'll contact Antec to find out if we can do the same with their products as well.



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I know this is an old topic but the solution could be simple:

here are the sample code to get the values stored from Everest in the shared memory (file/options/ext. Apps/activate shared memory).

The alphacool app reads ist from there.:


sharedmem_name = 'EVEREST_SensorValues';

Function ExtApp_SharedMem_ReadBuffer(bu:PChar;bu_size:DWord):Boolean;


mappedData : PChar;

th : THandle;







If mappedData<>Nil Then



If UnmapViewOfFile(mappedData) Then Result:=True;





The only difference to AIDA64 is this:


sharedmem_name = 'AIDA64_SensorValues';

An example of read values is attached:

Since Aida64 is essentially the same application as Everest and since there is no way to obtain the source files for the alphacool applications/plugins etc. why not add an option in "AIDA64 / Preferences / External applications" saying "Report as Everest_SensorValues to shared memory" or "Make values AlphaLCD Compatible" or something similar.

AlphaLCD is getting data from everest up to version 5.50. so my guess is that would do the trick.

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I'm sorry for the delays, but this improvement didn't quite fit into our development schedule of AIDA64 v2.70. But now we got back to it, and implemented it as a non-GUI option. What you need to do is upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme Edition available at:


After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade.

Then start AIDA64, go to Preferences, and simply press the OK button, and close AIDA64. Then go to AIDA64 folder, open AIDA64.INI, and scan the file for the following line:


You can edit that line to make the shared memory facility of AIDA64 compatible with plugins made for Everest ;)

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Totally do not know what to do. Please explain exactly how to run the show on the Alphacool readings from Aida. None of this I do not understand. Do I need to have installed Everest and aida 64 and where the swap file?

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your help.

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1) You don't need Everest anymore

2) You only need the new AIDA64 beta:



3) Start the new AIDA64 beta, go to Preferences, but only press the OK button there. Then close AIDA64

4) Go to AIDA64 folder, and find the file called AIDA64.INI. You need to edit that file, using e.g. Notepad

5) Inside the AIDA64.INI file you need to change the line:


In that line you need to change AIDA64 to EVEREST to make the new AIDA64 compatible with AlphaCool. So the line should look like this:


I'm afraid I cannot use better or more basic English than this :)

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