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New LCD device support: Samsung SPF Digital Photo Frames


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Originally, I had the panel plugged in to an onboard port. A couple months ago, I had to move things around and had it plugged into an un-powered hub. Yesterday, when I updated the driver, it dawned on me to try it in a powered hub. It's been over 24 hours and it has not disconnected. Looks like that was the problem the whole time.

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@Fiery i have this LCD driver working ok with SPF-72H @ firmware 1004 for this model. 

I am using Windows 10 64-bit.

Is it possible to use this driver you provided to reenable mini monitor mode? I would like to occasionally use this as a separate display for various application-specific informations when using certain programs or to have video play in another window on this mini-monitor while I am working on things.

Or this feature something that will never work again on Windows 10 with the current driver state?

Samsung Frame Manager seems to not recognize the Frame is plugged in when using Windows 10.

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Hello everyone,
i'm using a SPF-87H (04e8-2034) and i'm playing with compression levels to avoid random freezing...actually at 80% seems stable (trying 24 hours each try).
I have three questions:
1 - Is it possible to rotate the sensor panels and use them (and the device) in portrait mode? 
2 - Is it possible to "auto resize" sensor panels with different resolutions? my device is 800x480 and there are some nice panels 1024x600
3 - Do you think is worth to buy an SPF-800P at 25 euros just to avoid freezing and have the best panel quality?
(as far as i read in this thread, model 800P doesn't have the picture limit issue)
Thank you

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