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New LCD device support: Samsung SPF Digital Photo Frames


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Your INI file is still there, with your LCD settings included. AIDA64 update doesn't remove the old INI file. I have no idea what part of Windows refuses to execute AIDA64.EXE. What anti-virus/security product do you have running?

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I have NOD32 running.

I had to uninstall and delete all files + registry entries and install Aida64 from scratch.

Else it would not work.

Windows 7 x64 sp1 with UAC set to "never notify".

Quite odd. I've had NOD32 64-bit + Win7 64-bit SP1 with the same UAC setting running for years, and I have never experienced such issues at upgrades. Do you have any other software running in the background that may cause such issues? Any other security software, firewall software maybe?

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Nope. Just NOD32 v8 and Windows Firewall, and this is the second time this happened.

I also have NetLimiter running in background but that should not be an issue cause its internal blocker is disabled.

If this happens again I'll look into Nod32 if that may be the cause of this.

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How can I use the Samsung SPF 87H with AIDA64 and Windows 10th

Drivers are installed. How do I install libusb0.dll

Sorry Translated with Google Translator

Very bad English

Make sure to install our Samsung SPF drivers that includes libusb DLL and libusb-compliant USB driver as well:


After installing this driver, you should be able to activate Samsung SPF LCD support in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / LCD / Samsung. If you get a positive feedback there (saying LCD init is OK), you can start building your own LCD layout in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / LCD Items.

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great dash board !

I cannot find the maxpicturesize jpg setting, is the aida64 preference file removed in latest beta ?

It's only available via editing the AIDA64.INI file. Look for the following line in it:


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The option is still there in the INI file (named HWMonSPLCDJPEGLimit), you can adjust it from there. We do not plan to add it to the AIDA64 Preferences, since we don't think that option should be used generally. Yours is still a special case, but you can still control the JPEG file size limit via the INI file.

Happy New Year! ;)

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For some reason my ramdisk drive is not showing anymore the disk read/write anymore in the list.

With previous version it was present. 


Are you sure the drive was connected to Windows properly when you started AIDA64? Does it appear as a regular physical drive in Windows Disk Management? Does the RAM disk appear as a regular physical drive on the Storage / Physical Drives page in AIDA64?

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Are you sure when your RAM drive is too small that Windows itself can measure its performance? To me it looks like Windows fails to provide performance readings for small drives.

BTW, when you disconnect or connect (ie. hot-plug) a disk drive, AIDA64 should already be able to detect the change. So such delay shouldn't be necessary, as long as the drive performance is provided by Windows.

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Old version of aida64 had no issue either.

What version of AIDA64 is able to access the drive in its current state? I'm just asking because the drive activity measurement feature was implemented only a few weeks ago, and we haven't touched that feature since then. So it would be quite weird if there were difference between how the "old" AIDA64 and the current one works.

BTW, the graph you've linked shows the drive in its 10 GB capacity state. You've previously mentioned that when you configure the drive to 10 GB size, it works with AIDA64. So make sure to configure it to 4 GB, and check Task Manager again. I'm pretty sure the issue is not AIDA64 itself, but due to a Windows limitation based on drive size.

Also, what RAM disk software are you using? We can try to reproduce the issue on a test system of ours.

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