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New LCD device support: Samsung SPF Digital Photo Frames

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Anything I could do to help with this?

Yes, we've just added a new, hidden option that you can use to tweak the JPEG limiter by yourself, and so try multiple values without us having to alter the main AIDA64 code base. Download the new AIDA64 beta from:


Go to AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences, and simply press the OK button. Close AIDA64, go to AIDA64 installation folder, and open the AIDA64.INI file in a text editor (e.g. Notepad). Find the following line in there:


And change it to a value below 500, e.g.:


That will effectively limit the JPEG frame size to 490KB. I think the actual limit will always be an exact multiply of 64KB, but it's just a theory that has to be verified. If my hunch is right, you will still experience issues at 490KB, 480KB, 470KB, etc, and it will only work reliably when you set it to 448KB (7x64KB). Please let me know how it goes.

I was thinking, any way to make the text change color according to value?

What sort of hardware monitor value type are you thinking of? The colour of a Simple Sensor Item label?

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No glitch anymore for my MP612B / SPF-83H / BT08PS

Thanks !

Sounds great, thank you :) It could be because in your case we're using an exact multiply of 64KB. Let's see how it goes with other frames ;)

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What sort of hardware monitor value type are you thinking of?

The colour of a Simple Sensor Item label?

Maybe simple sensor.

Just like Bars of Sensor Items change colors according to preset values it would be great if text could do the same.

If any value jumps above a preset threshold to make the text yellow or red or any other color.

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To all users of SPFs:

I found the way how to control SPF brightness.

I found the way how to switch back to storage mode after AIDA exit (however developer already knew it).

I send this to developer, but create these options only for my person would be strange, so vote here whether it's someone else.

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Last update messed the application up.

What did happen? What didn't work?

I had to completely reinstall and lost my LCD panel in the progress.

I'm sorry to hear that, but please note that all you have to back up is the file AIDA64.INI that you can find in the AIDA64 installation folder. That files includes all settings and all LCD + SensorPanel layouts. I'd recommend you to do a regular backup of that file, along with your Documents folder and other important files and folders.

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Aida64 icon disappeared, i was getting a message that I "don't have permission" when trying to run Aida manually.

I had to completely uninstall and delete it and then reinstall and apply update.

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would be good to make an auto backup before each aida64 update to your email address written in aida64 ^^

Such measures shouldn't be necessary. The update does nothing else than download a ZIP package and extract it to the AIDA64 installation folder, by overwriting the old files. AIDA64.INI is never included in update packages, and the update process doesn't reconfigure AIDA64 either.

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The problem with your ZIP package instead of an installer is well.... You know about windows security stuff...

Windows likes to block extracted .dll and similar files if they are not extracted from an Installer.

I've seen it happen with other apps so maybe that's what happened here, I'm not sure.

Even when I run Aida after the update i get the "Open File - Security Warning" message box.

Upon the disappearance of the Aida64 icon and not able to run it i had a process called "Aida_updater.dll" or something like that in my task manager.

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Interesting, since few beta releases the lcd contrast is not going down anymore.

Did you change the software on hte lcd driver ?

No, we haven't changed anything recently about the Samsung SPF LCD support module.

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In my SPF-107 build 3235 several weeks works without any issues. Thank you.

But in build 3249 I don't found CPU temperature, GPU temperature & usage, +5/+12 voltage.

In AIDA64 Build 3540 we've had to transition from the old (classic) digitally signed kernel drivers from the new, SHA2 digitally signed EV (Extended Validation) kernel drivers. The new EV signing will soon be mandatory to use kernel drivers under Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. That necessary move however rendered the old kernel driver inoperable under such Windows 7 64-bit installations that don't have all the security hotfixes applied properly. Windows 7 should pop up a message box about this issue, claiming that the AIDA64 kernel driver is not digitally signed. Which is of course not true: the kernel driver is signed, but Windows 7 cannot recognize the SHA2 digital signature. What you have to do to fix it up is apply the following KB hotfix package: KB3033929. You don't have to apply the rest of the available hotfixes to make AIDA64 work -- although we usually recommend to have all available security patches to be installed, it's just common sense ;)

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I fixed in the ini the max jpg size to 64 KB and there are still few miscolors , rarely. Must be something related to another stuff.

64KB is very low, I don't think your device (or any other Samsung SPF device for that matter) would expect that small of an image. 256KB sounds more realistic.

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Couldn't get the glitch on usb.

I just noticed a lot of traffic on usb when the glitch occurs.

Could be the screen not responding in time (nak for too long)

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