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Share your SensorPanel


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2 hours ago, WayBadMojo said:

Wow, we need to break this thread out by design, I love seeing what everyone else is doing with their sensorpanels but I had to sift through 101 pages of posts looking for a design I saw a few weeks ago!



I agree, I come on here often and have to do the same. I also wish some posts would be straight forward and let people know, "I'm NOT sharing." It saves the time and trouble of messaging or replying to certain ones you like asking if they will share and you get nothing back, not even an acknowledgement. This thread is "Share your sensor panel" Not "Show" so maybe a split.... show/share I don't know lol Apologies if this comes off the wrong way, I love the thread and enjoy talking with those that are active and understand many are busy and are not on here as much. It's just discouraging when you reply to a post, get nothing back and see them post again. I will share whatever I create, just message me, reply or whatever. The creations on here are awesome! Have a wonderful day everyone 

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My Sensor Panel for my secondary screen in horizontal orientation with Discord under it (1080x600 on a 1080x1920 screen):

watercooled with two external temperature sensors one for loop temp and one for exhaust air temp

where my lion is you can insert your own logo or another readout

the gauges show the utilisation or temperature of the component readout below it, the bars show the utilisation of each core

(i stole the gauges from someone in this thread)


Black and Green Panel.sensorpanel


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On 7/8/2021 at 7:17 AM, Дмитрий Петренко said:

Если моя работа кого заинтересует, наберитесь терпения, как только закончу выложу инструкцию и файлы!


Hi, how did you manage to have a rotating fan icon on this? Hope you can help out. Thanks!

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On 8/9/2021 at 11:27 AM, aidsget said:


So, I got a strange resolution of an external monitor to be dedicated for sensor display (1920x480). Your sensor panel is fantastic. I took it and pretty much... re-arranged it to fit the aforementioned screen resolution (additions here and there to reflect my own setup). Appreciate you sharing the panel export -- let me know, and I can send over my re-org! I obviously do not want to share it as I did not make 95% of the content, so I'll leave the option up to you. I just thought it was just too good of a layout to not share! Also would not be opposed to you providing the font lol


can you share it pls ?

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