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6 hours ago, Liao Joey said:

ZERO V2 1024X600 

The theme function is the same as ZERO V2 1920X480. which with animation effects. Audio visualizer effects.Because my work is too busy, I haven't finished it until now...Please read the installation instructions (read_me_first.txt) before you use.

enjoy it !



download link (Delete after 7 days)

finally got the chance to download the theme create by you.
just hope that you also can share the ZERO V2 1920X480 for me to download also.
this is my email : vincentchuah6596@gmail.com

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12 hours ago, Liao Joey said:

НУЛЬ V2 1024X600 

Функция темы такая же, как у ZERO V2 1920X480. который  с анимационными эффектами. Аудиовизуализатор эффектов. Поскольку моя работа слишком загружена, я не закончил ее до сих пор ... Пожалуйста, прочтите инструкции по установке (read_me_first.txt) перед использованием.

наслаждайся этим !

предварительный просмотр


ссылка для скачивания (Удалить через 7 дней)

share the ZERO V2 1920X480


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Is there a "Share your .rslcd panel" thread, or almost nobody uses that option?

Will .sensorpanel ever allow animated gif files? ..or has that been enabled already? That's the primary reason I used to always use .rslcd panel instead.

Maybe there is a way to use the custom gauge in sensor panel to simulate animation, but instead of being tied to a sensor, just run it on a timer - at least that would allow a sort of 16-frame animation, albeit a relatively slow and jerky one since the entire panel has to be rendered each time, but at least it's something.  


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On 8/18/2021 at 7:11 PM, YoohooX said:


Do you have these in a 900x1440 or smaller? If not, is there a way to make it scale down the sensor file without having to manually adjusting every little thing?

I never made any lower res versions. Unfortunately there is no easy way that I'm aware of to scale it down without having to manually adjust everything.

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3 hours ago, towifo5133 said:

All sensor panels shared on this thread are now archived! Please read the original post for more information. I am not claiming the names on the files as panels created by these people, just who posted them, if you feel like your work is being misused or you don't want it shared, please let me know and I'll make another file!

Contains approximately 500 Sensor panels! Most with the required fonts included in zip files, etc

Mega Link: https://mega.nz/file/w9kCUTKa

Decryption key: OtQpHJQ-KDI56yNk7V-kdVWs685PerOWKOIFpqjuC7c

Thank you everyone for all the edits and your hard work, I saw so many awesome design while browsing the forums, everyone is just super talented. Enjoy! :D


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