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8 hours ago, Leprecon.VV said:

Interesting.....hopefully you know what all that says.  One thing you could do is take each of those....um, logos, designs.....whatever you would call the tribal markings.  Maybe tweak them in Photoshop or equivalent so you could use it as a gauge.  So, maybe shade it from a green colour to a red colour so you  have your lows and highs.  Just a thought.  Might make it more practical at a quick glance at what it is telling you.  Maybe you've already done that...and if so, I'll shut up now.  I would agree the background isn't right.....not entirely sure what would work well.  If you could get a dashboard of sorts so maybe it looks like the cockpit of their ship and those are the readings....but this is why I am not a designer.  

Done already while i built it up...


This is running Heaven demo (I maxed the fans to show the gauges / symbols working). The idea of the guages was if anythings running full red... it's maxed out.

If anyone knows the MAX RPM of a Lian Li GALAHAD AIO 360MM HIGH PERFORMANCE RGB CPU WATER COOLER, that would be helpful as mine seems to change its mind alot when i test it lol.

Generally the text (pred font) is pretty pointless but just fits into the 'general' theme of things.

Made sense to run it down from top to bottom starting with the CPU / GPU's then there various attributes so not to get too confusing. AIO pump guage started out higher up and nearer to the CPU as its pretty much related to that, but once the names started going in i started running out of room fast.

Motherboard and VRM i think are ok in there spots for now, maybe re-think its layout later. 

The black backgroup works much better but i think it just looks a bit bare TBH.

I'm thinking if i do a background image / art on it the pred text it needs to stay pure black to show the glow effect of the text.

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1 hour ago, egosuma said:

Panel I made, based on another panel here, but customized to my own needs.
Will be an endless work-in-progress, thats one of the beautifull things on this software :)
800 x 480, unfortunately thats all the screen real-estate I have available.
Optimisations i'm working on:
- Find a better way to display the thread utilisation
- when GPU temp exeeds 70 C, the gauge will cross over to another frame.
- Add Network status somewhere


bitte in 1024 x 600 teilen

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On 5/30/2021 at 4:46 AM, SwinkZ said:

Hello. Do you know any solution for this? :) had same problem :/ every import everything in layout were broken :/

hey i get the same issue also. I double checked my settings in display settings and it wont even let me adjust the scaling on my panel, it greyed out to the recommended 100%. what i do is clink on every element and adjust but that sooo time consuming. owndering if there a easy fix

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On 10/20/2021 at 1:54 PM, Slinter051 said:

I'm constantly working on sensor panels and changing things up. Most of them are inspiration from different builds on here. I'm currently trying my hand at creating my own gauges and so forth, it's a trying time lol Here's my current creation thanks to Meanjoegreen for inspiration. I will upload my next one when finished with the custom gauges, it will be something like this but my own. Thanks to everyone on here that has helped me out and inspired me. I enjoy this as much as I love building my custom computers.

If anyone wants this, just let me know, I have to clean up space on here


Can you share this? Tq

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On 10/22/2021 at 6:24 AM, FingersMcSteal said:

Decided to start something new, got a feeling this ones going to give me a few problems with translations !

Looks ok on a 5" LCD tho, can't wait to get it finished ;)



Wonder how many will understand the meaning, I hope people get it.


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On 05.09.2021 at 19:59, Liao Joey said:

Обновление до V1.1

1. исправить положение отображения некоторого текста на панели экрана

2.Добавьте логотип AMD, настройте преобразование цвета логотипа NZXT.


May I ask for a copy? QSp1int@gmail.com

Thanks a lot in advance, they look amazing! 

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On 10/22/2021 at 7:52 AM, mrcl said:

Hey guys,

I just clicked through almost all sides in this thread and I have to say, there are some really awesome panels around! Great job!

I am very new in this game of sensor panels and bought myself a 5" 800x480 Screen. Handling the Aida64 tool is not a problem at all.

I would like to build a Tron Legacy theme, matching my RGB but unfortunately, I have no experience in creating graphics with any tool at all. 

Is there maybe someone willing to help me to realize it? I'd appreciate it with all I have.



Just started working on something you might like.

I'll post once i get it finished, probably next weekend (work !!!).



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On 1/20/2021 at 8:23 PM, successlessness said:

I am also making a 7 inch display for my girlfriend. I plan on customizing a frame for the screen so that it can display a photoslide as well. Love to see what you come up with

You probably don't care... but I just wanted to update you on my computer project of mounting a display inside my computer.  I have a demo of my sensor panel running on a 10" display. Unfortunately, it's a very tight fit for the HDMI on the mounted 7", so I need a 270 degree angle HDMI cable. I don't have one, so I'm waiting on an order from Amazon. In the meantime, the demo 10" screen is actually a nice secondary display - maybe I can run a software that shows outside weather or photoslide or calendar... any recommendations?


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