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  Probably do a light theme version eventually


19 hours ago, Anthony Kolka said:

This is how I assumed you did it. Nice work. That's a lot of drives you have!

Thanks. Lotta drives indeed. Got plex, AI upscaling, and seeding going on.

17 hours ago, 1 PC Tip a day said:

Great! I also assumed something like that. Beautiful touch!

Thanks again. Looks like you got it down.

Looking forward to people making some cool stuff.

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Hello,i have an amoled screen and i want 2 integrate it into my pc antec p120 crystal.

How should u connect it,with the hdmi cable on the back of the motherboard?

And i would like to have the  template from youtube,so how can i get it and how do u install it?

Tried to find a solution but nothing,therefore this forum.thx in advance

This one,starts from 5:09


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51 minutes ago, Bl4ckj4ck666 said:

Hello,i have an amoled screen and i want 2 integrate it into my pc antec p120 crystal.

How should u connect it,with the hdmi cable on the back of the motherboard?


Looks like a custom sensorpanel, and it's likely and HDMI ribbon cable coming out the back and going into either the GPU or onboard video.

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Recently i got back into the Zone. So i decided to put together this S.T.A.L.K.E.R themed sensor panel for that extra immersion B). And i thought, i'd share here. Bits and peaces used from UI elements of the stalker games: SoCCoP, Anomaly Mod. Font, source files and everything (such as psd's) is included in the archive. Attached sensor panel is 720x1280 resolution. For other resolutions, download the source files and mess around with it.

And as always: good hunting, stalkers!





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On 12/6/2021 at 5:19 PM, ThatManOnTheMoon said:

Thanks, appreciate it. Basically there are 4 line graphs and 2 area graphs. 3 line graphs of different shades of red are stacked on top of each other to create a gradient. There is 1 dark-grey line-graph below the red line to create a drop shadow.

The 2 area-graphs below the red line give the 2 shades of grey. The darker-grey area graph has a lower height. The drop shadow of the red line covers the bright line of the lighter-grey area-graph (area graph has a line with a darker shade of color below it). Got to play with the height so the line graph(s) doesn't clash with darker area-graph.

I haven't really tested how much resources it uses. Still playing around with it. Like how it looks though.




Great! Can you share please?!

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On 12/4/2021 at 8:47 PM, Alpharius68 said:

A little bit of work in progress, will update you when its done and will share the files for those who want them for personal use.


Finally finished, not sure i am 100% happy with the framing but still learning to use vectors and used a few pre-made blocks i found online. Feel free to use or modify for personal use, the panel is 600x1024.

I have added the frame pieces i created from the elements i found online, so you can create different resolutions and orientations.






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Anyone got a Barrow  FBEHD-01 1920x400 display? I am seeing a lot of sensor panel layouts for that resolution so I am guessing yes. I could not find one at a decent price in the US so I ended up buying a FormulaMod ARGB Fm-XSQ which is a clone of the Barrow display. The Barrow site for the FBEHD-01 shows all these nice sensor panels and says "More interfaces based on AIDA64 system monitoring software will be updated continuously", but they never say where to get them. I think maybe they provide a link, possibly in the box? FormulaMod provides a link to a Google drive folder, but there are only a few layouts there, and they don't see to be adding any more. They look just like the Barrow panels except they say FormulaMod instead of Barrow. Anyway, if anyone has a link to all these sensor panels Barrow claims they are continually developing, I sure would like to have it.

Thanks in advance!

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On 30/8/2021 at 6:25, Jay patel said:

Se modificó una plantilla aleatoria encontrada en una página aleatoria. :)Créditos originales: (Honestamente, no sé quién es el creador). Solo soy un re-creador. 

Califícalo sobre 10 :)




Hello friend, could you please make one for 600x1024 screens or tell me how to do it, I'm new to this, I have no idea how to change the scales and the cpu image to put the intel name

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57 minutes ago, Alpharius68 said:

He tenido mucha ayuda para comenzar durante las últimas seis semanas, desde la modificación de paneles que otros han compartido, la creación de mi propio panel basado en los medidores de otros hasta ahora incluso la creación de mis propios medidores. Así que solo quería darles las gracias a todos y mostrarles la colección de paneles que tengo hasta ahora.:)





can you share They will serve me I see that almost all of them are 600x1024


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