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19 hours ago, HossUK said:

Latest version

Overwatch character picture in bottom right panel changes based on volume

Most gauges and bars will turn yellow/red/green depending on values 



Nice work! Any chance you want to share the sensor panel file?

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I made an amalgamation of various panels to fit my liking with some custom background work because I wanted metallic embossed borders. Many gauges were scaled in the creation of this content :P Credit to the creators of all original content I borrowed here :)

You will of course want to change things to fit your system if you use this, especially the system name in the upper right corner.





Screenshot 2022-01-20 223905.jpg


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On 2/22/2021 at 9:06 AM, braintez said:

Thanks once again to @knape9 for posting his Martian theme.  Attached is my rendition in Landscape format.  The zip files represent 2 different resolutions:

  • 1280 x 800 - for Android / Odospace users
  • 1920 x 480 - for the 8.8 inch display crowd

Each zip contains the necessary fonts for the themes.  


Aida Rover - 1280.jpg

Aida Rover - 1920.jpg

1127390259_AidaRover-1280x800.zip 2.52 MB · 552 downloads Aida Rover - 1920x480.zip 1.13 MB · 473 downloads

Thanks to @braintez and @knape9 for posting this panel. Here is my setup, and I made very slight modifications to the original. two versions are included 1920x 480 and 3840 x 1100 with the modified background. Please do not forget to download the font that was included in the original posting.   enjoy

my current setup.jpg

1920x480 panel.png



Aida Rover - 3840x1100.jpg

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13 minutes ago, krewekitchen said:

very nice - wish I could scale to 3840x1100 but the gauges get too small

I am working on scaling this out to 3840x1100. I have to resize all the gauges. not hard, just time-consuming. stay tuned. I will share when am done

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On 12/15/2021 at 10:38 PM, Hasrul said:

hi can your share this template for 600x1024


Yes please, I am with @Hasrul that if you wouldn't mind sharing please sharing this panel @GladiusUltor. This is awesome!  I currently am testing a panel and LOVE the one that @orange_t did that back on 7/19/21.  Thank you all for sharing and teaching as well!

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So here is my first sensor panel,been toying around and made a couple of versions.

Just waiting for my 5 inch screen to arrive, so I can make something completely different, but this was nice practise.

This is just on the side of my main screen right now.

Added the lovely little skulls, because I have two birds and a cat as pets.



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On 12/6/2020 at 8:38 PM, joransrb said:

Here is my CP2077 panel :P

Inspiration taken from all over. main graphic from here: https://www.valencygraphics.com/cyberpunk-2077 

1024x600 res.



CPv6.sensorpanel 115.61 kB · 334 downloads font.zip 1016.33 kB · 263 downloads


This is real nice. Any chance you could do this in 1920x1080? I'd give it a go myself but I'm useless at stuff like this. Understandable if you cant, thanks.

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