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5 hours ago, braintez said:

When @knape9 posted "The Martian" screenshot that inspired his Mars theme, I had to re-create it at 1920x480 for my 8.8 inch screen.  I created new gauges and played around with the layout to make it work.  

I'm working on a 1280x800 landscape version for my Android tablet.  Once that's complete, I'll make both available for download.


Aida Rover - B1.JPG

any chance you could post a link for the gauges i like them better than the original mars ones and that's the screen im rocking right now... Thank you

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17 hours ago, mastrovious said:

What if you use the clock instead and make him take a step for each second? Cool panel btw!

I couldn't get it to work, re: clock (unless you know how to animate it via the clock). You need to set a minimum and maximum number, and I don't know how the clock numbers work.  If there are 15 frames, that means Vault Boy will take a step once every hour or so.

Here is the version 3 of the Fallout Theme (final version). I will be moving on to another design soon.


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Hi i want to share Dragon sensor panel updated 

credit goes to @Abso from this thread 

i've had change the templates resolution to 800 x 600 to fit my panel and i've add some other sensores

and  changed temperators gauges to classic meters ( Temperator gauges from Wondersquid )

sorry for my english and at the end thanks to Abso for his nice sensorpanel

and if you like it please thumbs up 





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