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18 hours ago, Tahsin said:

Hi i want to share Dragon sensor panel updated 

credit goes to @Abso from this thread 

i've had change the templates resolution to 800 x 600 to fit my panel and i've add some other sensores

and  changed temperators gauges to classic meters

sorry for my english and at the end thanks to Abso for his nice sensorpanel

and if you like it please thumbs up 



DragonMeeter_sensorpanel.36d4e554dd67ba9b26cbc13ce034820e 2.27 MB · 15 downloads

bitte in 1024 * 600 teilen

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On 2/10/2021 at 1:52 AM, successlessness said:

I couldn't get it to work, re: clock (unless you know how to animate it via the clock). You need to set a minimum and maximum number, and I don't know how the clock numbers work.  If there are 15 frames, that means Vault Boy will take a step once every hour or so.

Here is the version 3 of the Fallout Theme (final version). I will be moving on to another design soon.


bitte in 1024 * 600 teilen

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Hello guys I joined this community yesterday, found a few but was really confused on what to be done, but I found a NZXT dash but was in 2260x800 resolution, I tweaked that for us peasants with 800x480 resolution. Let me know if its cool. Most of these things are editable, like instead of my name if you want to put yours, just edit it with yours, same for gpu name and stuff. The cpu utilization tab is system drawn.

Capture 19.JPG

Nzxt 480p sensorpanel.sensorpanel

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That is smooth

20 minutes ago, Richi Bowzer said:

so far more work to follow, animated skippy and relics represent the m2 drives


That is smooth how did you configure the m.2 drive? All the drives in sensor panel options show 0% activity is there a setting elsewhere?

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44 minutes ago, P4UP3R said:

Designed this Remote Sensor to use on an old IphoneSE for my old build until I can buy a graphics card and put a real sensor panel in a new build


Sad I couldn’t get any fonts to work. They display in the designer on pc but this is the lonely font that shows on the phone

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On 2/8/2021 at 8:54 AM, Jav M. said:

So here we go!

Here you can find attached all the files related to this SensorPanel, which I have named as "KICS" (Keep It Clean & Simple). I have made some minor adjustments after the first post to make the panel visually better.

The font used is called "Orbitron".

Like and enjoy!


PD1: if you find some mistakes, let me know in order to improve also my own SensorPanel!

PD2: share your creations based on this template!

Background.zip 40.79 kB · 81 downloads Gauge.zip 214.09 kB · 91 downloads KICS - Jav M..sensorpanel 140.54 kB · 101 downloads Orbitron.zip 151.84 kB · 81 downloads

Made some minor changes, especially focused on better integrate the panel background with my white case. Also changed the FPS histogram for an area graph. I put a gradient above the graph to make the animation cooler.


New Project (1) - copia (1).png

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20 hours ago, Aaron Lau said:

here is mine, awaiting for the 8.8" led to set it as 2nd monitor

sensor panel 1.png

also here is my other custom gauges set incase anyone need them. color change by temp, min =0C, 1st limit = 50C ; 2nd limit = 67C ; 3rd limit = 81C ; max =100C. these are large gauges size 


















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21 hours ago, Aaron Lau said:

here is mine, awaiting for the 8.8" led to set it as 2nd monitor

sensor panel 1.png

forgot to add the template on previous post, here is my design template incase someone want it. 

MB : Asus Strix x570

CPU : AMD Ryzen 9 3900x (OC all cores 4.225

Ram : trident Z 3600MHz F series 

GPU : Asus Strix RX 5700XT OC 8GB

OS drive : Sabrent Rocket NVME 4.0 1TB

CPU Cooler : AMD stock Wraith Prism silent mode 


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