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15 hours ago, kevjaN said:

Hello again,

so for now i am done with my first version (maybe). Enclosed the files have fun with it. If something should be missing, so let me know.

@suade8880 have fun ;)

size 800 x 480 



gaugs.zip 267.95 kB · 19 downloads circuit_panel.psd 4.01 MB · 15 downloads big_noodle_titling.ttf 26.2 kB · 11 downloads

circuit_panel.sensorpanel 1.49 MB · 0 downloads

Hello all,

I unfortunately forgot to upload the sensor panel file. Post I have just edited.



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Hello New here :)

So decided to take a look at the info panel thinggy for my PC and came here for ideas and help , just spent all afternoon 

playing and found it like a stress release in a weird way lol , anyway mark one of i think will be many , its for my personal use so i tailored it to my system , made the big dials from scratch as the ones i had did not reflect the correct temp , dial was showing 40 and numbers were at 60 so looked at how the dials were made and used them as a template to increase by increments of 5 . dont know what else to include atm but just happy for my first outing :)



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55 minutes ago, DRODRIGUEZ2436 said:

this is so cool mate, how can I risize this to 768 x 1024?

you need to take the pictures from the panel and resize them to your desired size with an image programm like photoshop or gimp and then you need to change the size of the whole fonts.

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On 30/3/2021 at 07:30, Vesimas said:

Certo, : Dricorda di modificare il core 9/10 con il sensore destro poiché non posso farlo perché non riesco a vederlo avere un otto core: D

C'è così tanto spazio che puoi aggiungere quello che vuoi : D

Vesimas_Final_1280_800_sensorpanel.53a6ee2d5fcaa180842011a346bc47f8 2,47 MB · 23 download

Ciao potresti modificare questo in 1280x720

Ho provato a personalizzarlo un po' sulla mia Build, ma sono completamente inesperto però il tuo sensor panel mi piace moltissimo .



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On 4/2/2021 at 5:08 AM, SlapCat said:

Here's my simple, clean, minimalist 1920x480 sensor panel in vertical orientation... :D Still a room for improvement...


I hope you don't mind that I have slightly modified your work to a horizontal orientation... :D



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