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9 minutes ago, Filipe Alves said:

Maybe a stupid question, but how to make the lcd turn off when the computer shutdown, it still stays powered be the USB port. 

If I remember correctly, it is from the bios you have to configure it so that it stops giving power to the usb ports when the pc is off


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On 4/6/2021 at 3:47 PM, 4xu5 said:

I haven't updated my sensor panel in a while... here's how it looks now. 


Attached are the psd for the background and the sensorpanel file. Enjoy!

Back_shift4.psd 628.07 kB · 563 downloads 2021-04-06.3.sensorpanel 1.19 MB · 941 downloads

Hello all, I am new to all of this.Could someone help me in getting this or any other layout on my screen please? I have a  7inch 1024x600 LCD and i am using it in portrait mode so i believe the proper settings would be 600x1024. I have downloaded both files but i am have issues with getting the text to line up in the correct locations. I have watched a few videos on youtube but i am still stuck. Could someone point me in the right direction please.

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On 2/3/2018 at 8:40 PM, Rabbithole said:

Here is what I think is the final rendition of my panel for my current (OLD) rig ... I can't really work on the panel for my new build till it's put together, but I might post a few ideas for it.

final shot.png

do you have a download for this one

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I finally got my Remote Sensor panel working and customized to my liking. 1024x600 7" IPS.

EDIT: I've been getting a lot of requests (SERIOUSLY, like a lot) to share this panel. I previously uploaded it to WeTransfer, but the link has expired four times and I've reuploaded each time it expires. So I have permanently hosted this panel on my own VPS.




Edited by David Gabriel Brown
Over three dozen download requests. Posting permenant link.
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