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On 11/8/2020 at 11:03 AM, Balm73 said:

Hi everyone!

My first attempt to create a sensor panel. I have attached the Photoshop files if you like to modify them to your liking.

I use a cheap 7 inch display with resolution 1280x720px as the sensor display.


Aida64Panel_sensorpanel.0482e0276c77c9c4fc55dbf75bc5d17e 2.06 MB · 1252 downloads PSD.zip 1.29 MB · 766 downloads

how is it possible that i cant open this with aida64?

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41 minutes ago, Alex Skywalker1 said:

i know this might has been asked many times... at the gauge for gpu i only see trial c for the temperature.. so i guess i have to purchase aida64 in order to show it?

I have problems with it picking up sensors with the paid version. It shows my AIO Pump as "Power supply" and some not at all. It just may be your Motherboard

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On 9/5/2020 at 12:09 AM, Gabe Zalewski said:

Recently upgraded my chassis to a Lian Li o11 D XL. I kept the same 800x480 screen but this time I positioned it vertically next to the single back exhaust slot.

Not gonna lie, got pretty lazy when redoing the sensor panel so I just stripped a bunch off of my old one hahaha

A better version will follow, but here's the HUD sensor revision 4.0.


can you share this one? this would be just perfect for my color theme.. sadly i dont have the skills to do my own

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