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Hey all. Yall do some sick work.  I have a 1920x480 display  that I'm mounting vertically (if/until I go full liquid cooled). Vertically will at least take up some space for now in this case (helios). I'm looking for a template that's Asus themed red white and black. If any one would like to go over what I would like let me know I can do email,  messengers, here, text whatever. I just would like to get this done soon for a project proposal I got coming up.  

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Meridium - Aida64 Sensor Panel (Inspired by DeusEx: Human Revolution) There are two different layouts, horizontally and vertically included.

  • Theme: Meridium
  • Resolution: 1920x480px and 480x1920px
  • Font: install the included font
  • Graphics: graphics made by Exhumed


Important information: This sensor panel will not be offered for free. If you are interested in buying this sensor panel, please feel free to contact me here at Aida64, YouTube, or https://twitter.com/3xhumed. I only accept Paypal!


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I have a small but high resolution screen (repurposed phone 5in x 2.5in @1280x720) and needed something I could see through tinted glass at a glance. I don't like how busy most of these look and went pretty minimalist. Might update with a darker background for better visibility but this fit my theme pretty well and was low effort. 







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On 9/21/2021 at 11:56 PM, Michael O said:

Nice, not actually seen this before.

Another variation is to use an old LCD monitor. You take it apart and use only the thin transparent LCD screen. But you need a controller. Several youtube vids on how to do it. Can be done to any clear PC panel.

Here is a video. There might be better ones.


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