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On 10/12/2021 at 4:33 PM, Roguestratus said:

Sorry it comes out like that, but not sure if it's from my end or if you need to change something from your end. Did you make sure your resolution is set to 800x480 on your sensorpanel?

ya after i import it imy settings changes to 640x384  i find it odd, this is the only sensor panel when I import does that 

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4 hours ago, POE said:

Hey folks

Just built myself an awesome windows98 retro gaming machine on socket 754, has anyone managed to get aida working on 98?


Judging by the Aida64 support page every Windows above Windows95 version is supported. How to "make" Aida64 software to work on 98. is up to you ... I don't have the ability to test. :)


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On 9/5/2021 at 2:59 PM, Liao Joey said:

Update to V1.1

1.Fix the display position of some text on screenpanel

2.Add AMD LOGO, adjust the color transformation of NZXT LOGO


Please share the file to Info@kgrafie.de  thank you 

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On 10/17/2021 at 2:37 AM, Shorty92 said:

Some People ask me if i share, yes i do :D

If anyone wants it without the msi logo i can upload it too


And you need the font to install.

1024x600Shorty92.sensorpanel 1.03 MB · 137 downloads BF_Modernista-Bold.ttf 66.42 kB · 85 downloads

Maybe its too much to ask, but can you share the background image? I would like to change the layout a little to accommodate some additional sensors. Thanks! 

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This is the panel I am using now, it is based on racQn's. I've been using it to see what I can display and what I actually want to display. 

PanelAmazonSmile: 8.8 inch 1920x480 IPS LCD Screen for Aida64 PC CPU Monitor GPU Fan Speed Computer Temperature Memory Sub Display Cars LiveDash Raspberry Pi MIPI DIY Kits : Electronics

  • I received the following part numbers: Panel: HSD088IPW1-A00 & HDMI Board: HDMI-HSD088-V06

CaseCase for 8.8 inch 1920x480 LCD panel HSD088IPW1 - AIDA64 Sensor Panel by midnightcruze - Thingiverse

  • The mounts for the HDMI board do not line up. The case was made for V3 of the board and I received V6.


Panel case.png

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Hi all, here's another Battlefield 2042 panel which is a remix of leveldogs's Boundary sensor panel.
The sensorpanel is sized 1920x480

Hope you like it.

You WILL need the install the font - GeForce_Bold and Geforce_Light (included in the ZIP).

All credit goes to @levedog for creating the original panel style, i just mixed it up a bit.

DM me to get a link for my panels, I don't want to clutter up this place with unnecessary downloads.


Moved the panel - See page 166!



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Hey guys,

I just clicked through almost all sides in this thread and I have to say, there are some really awesome panels around! Great job!

I am very new in this game of sensor panels and bought myself a 5" 800x480 Screen. Handling the Aida64 tool is not a problem at all.

I would like to build a Tron Legacy theme, matching my RGB but unfortunately, I have no experience in creating graphics with any tool at all. 

Is there maybe someone willing to help me to realize it? I'd appreciate it with all I have.



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Hi Guys 

Im looking for vertical sensor panels 480 x 1920 , using a barrow FBEHD-01 Screen, Panels that will help me keep an eye on CPU, GPU temps and FPS if possible and the utilization, i love the sensor panels here most are horizontal, im looking for something vertical 



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