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On 10/26/2021 at 7:24 PM, Pneuma22 said:

Made these for my panel as its not finished yet I figured I'd share the loading rounds I made for it in after effects. Making these is fairly easy in after effects. So yeah I'll post the after-effects file if anyone is interested. I'll post my sensor panel when I'm done. It's just taking me like a year to make lol. So... I figured I'd post these so others could use them as well. Enjoy
Pre-comp 1_000.png

Pre-comp 1_001.png

Pre-comp 1_002.png

Pre-comp 1_003.png

Pre-comp 1_004.png

Pre-comp 1_005.png

Pre-comp 1_006.png

Pre-comp 1_007.png

Pre-comp 1_008.png

Pre-comp 1_009.png

Pre-comp 1_010.png

Pre-comp 1_011.png

Pre-comp 1_012.png

Pre-comp 1_013.png

Pre-comp 1_014.png

Pre-comp 1_015.png

This is coming together very nice! Can you share the sensor panel with me please? My sensor panel is 800 x 480.

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On 10/31/2020 at 5:04 PM, urobulus said:

Here's mine after working on it for a good 15 hours this weekend.

I like to think that I did a good job and I'm very satisfied with the results: fits perfectly on my new Lamptron HM070 and shows everything I need to know at a glance! :)

Most of the disks are empty since I just bought all the parts and this is a brand new computer :P





Vee Default.sensorpanel 1.53 MB · 432 downloads

WOW. My favorite after scrolling for pages, any chance this could be linked at 802 x 480?

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I didn't like the panel I got AT ALL so I returned it and opted for one a little bigger, has a metal case around it and does shut off when there's no signal. Downside was that the old one was 1200x600 the new one is 1280x800 so I had to rebuild the one I posted the other day. I've modified a black wooden picture frame and I think it'll mount into it pretty well (I post some shots if it turns out ok)

I extended the 2 graphs for the CPU and GPU and took all of the horizontal bars and moved them up and spanned them across the fields. I'm really liking how this is coming along, but personally I don't think I really need the Net section, so I might do a little photoshop work on the background and change some of the lay out on those 4 panels on the right. Maybe make to larger ones like the CPU/GPU panels on the left. I don't know quite yet



1280x800 6 Panel Monitor Blue Background.sensorpanel


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2 hours ago, Kangi26 said:

Ok I obsessed with this today and made some big adjustments to my display. I modified the background so there are 4 panels and removed the Fans and Net info. I don't have much need for it. Hope ya'll like this one.


1280x800 6 Panel Monitor Blue 4 Panel Background.sensorpanel 178.86 kB · 0 downloads

What font are you using? Whatever it is it's not a system font that comes stock on Windows. The text doesn't fit properly with whatever default font that Aida is substituting with.

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Modified this a little to fit 800 x 1280 and set a few things to my liking, also still a work in progress as starting to get used to how AIDA64 works.


I did not create the original so take no credit for this templates creation, just the adjustments i made..  Thank to the orig creator..


Vertical 800 x1280.oslcd

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On 2/12/2021 at 2:47 PM, 1 PC Tip a day said:

Made some minor changes, especially focused on better integrate the panel background with my white case. Also changed the FPS histogram for an area graph. I put a gradient above the graph to make the animation cooler.


New Project (1) - copia (1).png

Hi, i love this desig but i dont seem to find where to download the v2 for 800x480? The version avalable for download is 1440x864 only. Can s.o. help me with finding the right version please?

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On 10/30/2021 at 12:41 PM, Jordan.rader9 said:

This is coming together very nice! Can you share the sensor panel with me please? My sensor panel is 800 x 480.

Yes I can I'm really setting myself a deadline It's almost finished I'm just working on the background right now as I used someone elses just to position things but I'm making my own and I have another asset I made last night for it some of you may like. I'm trying to get it done tonight but if I cant it will for sure be done by next weekend. 

















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