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59 minutes ago, Tyler Zagame said:

Hey guys! I recently just installed my 1920x480 SensorPanel and would like if I could see some displays that you guys created for this resolution? Would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


If you input that resolution in the search bar in the upper right it will bring them up.

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3 hours ago, Wondersquid said:

If you input that resolution in the search bar in the upper right it will bring them up.

Yup! I got that far and was searching through…. Found a few I think with some download links… but I’m new to all of this so I’m kind of learning on the fly…. You mind if I hit you with a DM to discuss?

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On 11/6/2021 at 5:10 PM, Arctucas said:

Thanks. That is a bit overwhelming, though.


A bit more than I can do, I am afraid, never learned any of the programming.

I just need a quick and dirty way to create a 150° arc (or would it be 160°?), divide it into 15 segments of 10°, colorize each segment, save each as .png file (with one transparent outline only for zero state) for a total of 16 .png files to replace stock gauges.

Probably not doable for me, given my lack of skill.


Thanks again.

Yeah no worries It's actually alot easier than you think but I get it the adobe software in itself is overwhelming when you start out. There are several plugins that auto generate these redgiant universe and LoadUP! script from aescripts. Really you can get both of them over at forum.cgpersia.com if you wanted. No need to really know the sw its more point and click and they autogenerate. Red Giant univserse has a catalogue built into the plugin that you pick different loading rounds or loading bars hud elements all kinds of stuff. Just a suggestion...

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26 minutes ago, johnny1953 said:

This is looking good and i would like the final product... will need to make it horizontal box and will try



I am just finishing the colour shading on the planet guages and it will be done. Unfortunatly the only verion of this background I found is portrait, but there are probably others that would suit.

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