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On 12/2/2021 at 12:55 PM, Mrmike said:

like this, shared an image of my work, and wont be sharing the file! :D

Screenshot (135).png

Wow. That is beautiful.  You clearly are really good at this and put a lot of work into this panel. It gives me an idea of what can be done with this platform.

I am new to these AIDA sensor panels. My latest rig has a 1024x600 display that I am driving with Aqausuite. Then I bought a Formulamod clone of the Barrowch 1920 x480 display. Aquasuite is a great program, but their custom panel section is pretty limited and I could not get something that looked good on this oddball resolution display. That, and Barrowch's FBEHD-01 display page led me to this forum.

I downloaded a bunch of different panels that people posted, then started to look into what is involved with building one from scratch. Depending on how fancy you get, it can be quite an undertaking. I really did not think about these panels being proprietary or artistic property. Then I started reading these posts from people who built and posted really nice panels that others promptly downloaded and used for their own purposes. If you post the files, you should expect that people will download them. Then someone saw his custom panels in a Youtube review of an internal display. He was pissed that the guy made a video for profit based on his work. That is understandable. Now I realize that while some people are fine with sharing their panels, others are not, or feel that they should at least get a Thank You and due credit, and that it is not OK to use their work without permission, especially for profit.

Didn't mean to ramble, but that is my take on it. Its a shame to see this forum degrade into accusations and name calling. I am grateful to those who post their panels, as they provide ideas and a basis to develop my own. If a person wants to show off their work but not share the files, that is their right. They should not be admonished if they don't want to give away something that they spent hours or days building. In the end, they are just sensor panels that no one really needs. They are eye candy for enthusiasts. So can we all just try to get along and learn from each other while respecting the wishes of other forum members? My 2 cents.


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3 hours ago, Filipe Alves said:

no i didn't make those panels, they are given upon buying barrowch lcd's, and i agree with you on thanking and giving the credits to those who create and put their personall time into it.

but the way you behave is not correct in my opinion (and it's just my opinion), this should be a place of sharing works and tought's.

i myself i ain't good with design progs but i'am good with electronics, but that doesn't mean i won't replay to anyone that seeks help in the little i know.

So if you buy a Barrowch FBEHD-01 display, they give you the sensor panel files that they show in their advertising? I wanted to get one of these displays but could not find them in stock in the US for a reasonable price. Then I found a FormulaMod clone that was a few dollars cheaper and available on Amazon so I bought that one instead. I really like some of the layouts shown on the Barrowch site, but they never really say how or where to get the files. It just says "Officials will continue to release a variety of interfaces based on ASISA64 system monitoring software".

So if I had bought the Barrowch panel, I would have gotten access to all of the panels they show? Is there any way to get these panel files if you did not buy a Barrowch display?

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In my opinion, this topic is based on SHARING SensorPanels. But you can share an idea, you can share the original files... Whatever. It's up to you and it should be perfectly fine.

However, good manners should be present and obviously great ideas and great works must be strongly recognised.

Personally, I share my SensorPanel "KICS" based on NZXT's CAM software because I like the style and it is what I want and need. And I have been uploading revisions since the original post for you guys. I like people recognising my job, and, of course, I don't allow anyone to use my creations or ideas for commercial purposes without asking me before.

Said this, keep creating and enjoying this powerful software! To all new people around here, you will find thousands of great SensorPanels, ideas, solved problems... And great people, even though some seem to be more interested in making noise than anything else.

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10 minutes ago, antonio said:

Dragon Ball 1100-3840

Made in spare time. The style is for reference only. In order to prevent commercial activities, no documents are provided for design reference only.


hello antonio
1100*3840 profile is really cool
Can you share your profile?

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On 10/9/2021 at 2:48 PM, Zeke009 said:

Open Aida64, goto Preferences under the File menu.

Select SensorPanel and edit the SensorPanel Size values as necessary.


Im currently trying to import a Sensor Panel that is for 800x480, but when its imported, the SensorPanel size under Preferences always reverts to 640x384. When i change it to the 800x480, the panel is now all messed up and the icons and gauges are all not where they are supposed to be. even the letter font sizes are all different because of the aspect change.
is there a reason why a sensor template of 800x480 would change to that other aspect? 

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On 9/12/2021 at 4:08 PM, lord0f6thpaths said:

this looks amazing. would you mind sharing it with me. 


On 9/29/2021 at 2:52 PM, Ahbraxaz said:

Dude this is awesome, would you mind sharing it again?

The old link expired D:


On 10/2/2021 at 8:10 AM, alexdang08 said:

Hi David, 

This is amazing. Would you be able to send me a link to download. Your previous one expired. my email is [REMOVED].

To each of you guys, thanks for the complements. It's not 100% my work, but I took liberties with it used photoshop to design logos (it had intel stuff) and swapped out a lot of the graphics. See my original post here, as I have added a permanent download link to the file, being as the WeTransfer link has expired four times now.

Edited by David Gabriel Brown
Removing e-mail.
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