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Does any1 have a link to this? 

On 10/18/2019 at 3:52 PM, gerardfraser said:

Nice topic,stumpled upon this and I had to try one for PC games.First thanks for all those who shared.I used gauges and images from this thread.

Not sure how to actually install or save for anyone to use.I did export the sensor file and I saved my Sensor panel folder and 7zip.

I can only get it to work on my install path properly.

D:\Software\Bench\AIDA64 Extreme

Anyhow I removed a couple things like my name and FPS so panel looks like this.


Actual in game with some transparency on.




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On 10/15/2019 at 12:29 PM, Rabbithole said:


 Sorry for the delay been real busy ... so in the end result I ended up making the background transparent so they would be universal plus the blades spin ....and I took the branding off cause I don't support Thermaltake anymore..(Cause they won't support me).BTW anyone looking to buy 120mm TT riing plus fan kit ??? 5 x fans (3 are about 1 year old and 2 are new with only 100 hours use) bran new riing trio controller and all the wiring... $100 ....I can't get the software to work properly anymore due to another program I'm running (DAW) and I need the other program...

BTW Nik, If you have any questions about sensor panels I have a bunch of stuff I made and modded over the past few years so I may have something you are looking for and I would be glad to lend a hand....Also those pics you "quoted" are from like 2 years ago ... lol

transparent black fan - gauge 70 x 70.zip 196.2 kB · 33 downloads

Hello, what program do you use to edit and make the gauges and fans 

Thanks in advance!

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Making this took a lot longer than I expected haha.. I use a Corsair Commander Pro so had to get around that dilemma.. ended up just buying a second temp probe for my reservoir and plugging it into the motherboard to get another water temp reading, because I use iCue to control all fans, pump, and RGB lights so it had to remain fully functional.. Made three different colours of gauges all blue is used for utilization percentage (was also going to use it for RPM), green to yellow to red is for RAM usage, and blue to green to yellow to red is for temperature. I use it for a 5" LCD monitor that's installed in the case of my newest build.  

Screenshot (22).png

Screenshot (25).png




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On 15/10/2017 at 06:44, drDriz said:

Meu painel de sensor personalizado, no estilo da suíte AI da Asus. 
É 800 x 460, pois isso será exibido em uma tela LCD integrada. 

Os mostradores na parte superior são dinâmicos, assim como os ícones animados dos fãs. Estou bastante satisfeito com isso. 
Caso alguém esteja interessado, postarei uma foto com o resultado final!


poderia compartilhar?

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Havent seen any like this before, hopefully this gets some creative juices flowing. I think the use of urls is very under used. Might not be practical depending on pc/screen layout, but my pc is right beside my monitor, so its nice to have a little extra screen space.  3rd pic shows all clickables.

Been tweaking this for a few weeks, links open on sensor display resized like the Netflix window(in 2nd pic). 

links included:

  • Almost everything is linked to a function related to the pic:
  • Buttons   -security cam, voip phone ,chrome, discord, games library, task manager
  • window=weather app
  • key = lock pc
  • speakers/headset = switch sound output and open mixer
  • keyboard = emails
  • door= powerdown
  • lcd = change between multimuniter setups




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