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2 hours ago, chamorts said:

Hi, I have two problems and I don't know why the temperature of my processor is not marked correctly and the FPS are not displayed.

At some point I had the same problem, in my case it was solved by editing and selecting the sensor again, GL.

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On 1/10/2020 at 2:22 AM, Mr_Armageddon said:

Started with some of the shared goodies on this thread (thanks to all those that contributed!), and modified one to work with my screen and color theme. 




ZBeast_800x500_2020_01.08_sensorpanel.100f48e4b20588cadc3735b78f89faa9 4.77 MB·110下载

Thank you very much. I have modified it according to my own situation, but unfortunately the fan data has not been shown




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9 hours ago, chmarr said:

when you do something the devs cant ... thats just absolutely awesome

Honestly, in its current form this configuration is merely a proof-of-concept. I cheated a little for the screenshot by turning the 'always on top' feature on. As soon as you click on the taskbar it won't stay on top any longer. Let's hope the Aida gods will smile upon us in the forseeable future and implement the ability for the SensorPanel to act like a proper toolbar.

The 'private message' was already sent, but no pressure. ^_^

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On 11/19/2019 at 11:33 PM, cmhworks said:



I did some modifications in the razer sensorpanel shared in this thread, so it's matching my current build. Most text and numbers are "Lucida Console" font.

Made for 800x480 raspberry pi screen.


+additionally I'll show off my whole build in a spoiler below. that's an i7 9700k 4.9GHz 1.24v + 2070 super (waiting for ampere release). 

PS. Included .sensorpanel file went to the 'hidden contents' area, don't know how to fix it.

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First of all I would like to say thank you to all the people that shared their Sensor Panels and Gauges for me to try out and amend. Most of us, are at home at the moment looking for things to do. I found Aida64 extreme and this forum last night. So thought I'd give making a hardware monitor for my 2nd 1920x1080 screen a go.

Below is a combination of templates I found on this thread with my own twist added.

I haven't used Photoshop in years since I'm in my 40's now :) But managed to create my own Background and Stuff. So time to share back, attached is the template and the PSD if you want to edit the background. 

Thank you, this wee project killed a few hours :)

EDIT, the PSD is too big for an attachment, so hosted it here on my Nextcloud. https://next.rezs.cloud/s/ygR6cedDrdRfst3



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