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Mechanical Robot – AIDA64 Sensor Panel (800x480)

> Different backgrounds
> Font included

Info: Yes, this sensor panel is free for desktop use. If you want to upload it again (including some of my graphics i created), you need to credit me as the author (add @COSTAJUNIOR of the original files. If you do not agree to this, you are not allowed to upload these files again. No permission to resell my graphics.


Mechanical Robot (800x480) By CostaJunior.rar

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Hey...this is a screenshot of my System Monitor panel.  I keep it on my left monitor.

If you would like to download my sensor panel VU Meter and Thermometer "gauges"...go here.  You may download my ZIP file from there.  I have many sizes of the gauges and with both vertical and horizontal thermometer gauges in various sizes, including some with a transparent background. 

I'm a rookie...but I think my panel turned out nicely.

And thanks for the interest.

www.bottletreecreations.com/FTP/Jerry's VU Meters and Thermometer AIDA64 Gauges.zip




Jerrys System Monitor Panel.png




Jerry's VU Meters and Thermometer Gauges.txt

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