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6 hours ago, Stefan Krijgsman said:

wow, amazing. as iam currently getting up to date with star wars aka , bingewatching 100+  hours on the movies and shows end playing battlefront 2 i love it , could you please share 


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On 1/18/2021 at 6:22 PM, Daniel Fink said:

Hours of work, finally done :D Special thanks to @miishb79 & @Jacob Low for the inspiration and your templates! 

I build a 1024x600 Screen. Blue like my LEDs in the Tower and found a nice screen on Amazon. i used some cords to attach it under my monitor (total professionell :rolleyes:). Fun Fact. I'm using a HDMI Switch. For my Gaming PC it's this Screen and for my Work PC I see my next Meetings, ToDos and the weather (with DAKboard.com).

Thanks for all the ideas and help! 

Daniel / Private Joker




Priv-Joker_sensorpanel.6654a2e3e2aaf512afd12c4e4300ebd1 4.02 MB · 40 downloads

fonts.zip 384.17 kB · 0 downloads

A few people ask for the fonts. I create a new *.zip file with the fonts inside.


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On 12/23/2020 at 11:50 AM, 4xu5 said:

First off, I would like to thank everyone here for your very inspirational work. 

Here is what I've done/modified




I'm not very happy with the small temperature gauges I have. That is my next project. I want to create small temperature gauges that complement the big ones. 

Here's my sensor panel file in case someone wants it.

2020-12-23.sensorpanel 1.44 MB · 445 downloads

I worked on mine a little bit. 



I'm attaching the sensor panel file as well :)


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On 1/18/2021 at 3:59 AM, successlessness said:

I'm new to this, I copied someone else's Fallout theme and was hoping someone could improve on it... or if you just want this theme, it's yours.

You need to install the monofont in your fonts folder, if you don't have that installed already. I've included everything in the zip file.

I don't have my 7" monitor yet, so I'm hoping it looks correct. Planning on installing the screen inside my computer case.


fallout2021-01-18.zip 247.21 kB · 10 downloads


You probably don't care... but I just wanted to update you on my computer project of mounting a display inside my computer.  I have a demo of my sensor panel running on a 10" display. Unfortunately, it's a very tight fit for the HDMI on the mounted 7", so I need a 270 degree angle HDMI cable. I don't have one, so I'm waiting on an order from Amazon. In the meantime, the demo 10" screen is actually a nice secondary display - maybe I can run a software that shows outside weather or photoslide or calendar... any recommendations?


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On 1/17/2021 at 11:42 PM, Thomas C. Riddell said:

So I just finished mine my 1st attempt at one of these Panels

I used a old Samsung s5 Phone and Program called Spacedesk on phone 

Then Installed the Driver for spacedesk to the PC . 

This gave me a 3rd Monitor

Used Velcro to Hold the phone into place. (make easy to make changes that way )

I then Plug the phone into USB Ports  set phone for 1920X1080 

Also set that in Aida64 Software Preferences

Made all Graphics and set up my Panel took me 7 hours 

still trying to learn how add Graphics FPS and Internet Traffic Info  

so any help or videos I could watch would be help 

Thanks for this Great Program





Love this. Well done. 

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Credit to @miishb79for the template and (sorry i forgot whose sensors) for the "RYZ5N" words.

I really like the "stacking" graph on this template and how it looks futuristic.

Thus I have made a little bit of change on resolution to fit on my panel which 1024x600 and some edits on colours and fonts (name: Robot Reavers) to match my theme.



Sci-Fi (Ryz5n Version).sensorpanel

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