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Hey! I am sharing my project for a 800 * 480 display. Many thanks to the authors for the visuals they shared. The idea was to put as much information as possible on the small 5 "display. The water sensors are not connected now, so the H2O values need to be replaced with what you want. 

When I install the display in the case, I will show the result =)

Font Airborne




project1.sensorpanel Airborne.ttf

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On 1/7/2021 at 2:11 PM, 5horty87 said:

Hi everyone,

I created a Sensor Panel inspired by the in-game menu of the game Cyberpunk 2077.
I used screenshots to get the colors, icons and so on.

It is 1024x614 for the 7" Raspberry Pi Touchscreen.
There is a version 1 and a version 2 and also the profile files for the "Sensor Panel" and the "LCD RemoteSensor".

This design uses the font Differentiator.

I included a Photoshop file with the background, all icons, frames, etc. so you can change the look.
Constructive criticism and feedback is welcome.

I used parts from a design by Exhumed

And I used parts from his "Elements Package v1.1"

Screenshot V1.jpg

Screenshot V2.jpg

201645029_Cyberpunk2077SensorPanelby5h0rty87.zip 4.2 MB · 74 downloads

Thanks for sharing, especially the PSD files. Your panel looks great.

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On 1/23/2021 at 11:33 PM, Dreams-Visions said:

Hey folks, I'm new around these parts and am unsure where to best ask this question, but this seems like as good a place as any.


Can anyone tell me what size of display this is in this image (being pointed to by the arrows)? I know the display on the table is an 8.8", but the one inside the computer appears to be much larger. Like, almost twice as large. 

For insight, I'm looking to put one of these super-wide 1920x480 displays inside an O11 Dynamic XL case. End to end would be ideal if such a display exists (so it would be like ~16 inches long or so, ~18 inch hypotenuse). I wasn't sure how long these displays can be found in and I haven't seen images of anyone using anything larger than 8.8" (and I've scrolled through a lot of pages here and in other places). If 8.8" is the max size, I'll go with that...but I'd love to go bigger if that's an option. The display in this image looks much larger so I thought I'd ask. Any insight will be appreciated. I look forward to posting my pics when I finally finish my first open loop in the next few weeks.

Hi, I have just ordered a monitor which looks very similar in aspect ratio to this, the res is 1280x390 and is 41.5cm long by 14.1cm high. here is a link to the UK Amazon.....


You can buy just the LCD panel which is far cheaper but I am going to use this either next to or above my main monitor :)


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Still playing around with my Sensorpanel. There's too much going on, I've taken some things out and added the widgets (weather, calendar, and rotating image gallery).

The widgets are free, it's called Widget Launcher. I'm contemplating on actually paying for a "pro" version, but I'm not sure what that gets you. The free version is just fine for what I'm using it




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On 10/27/2020 at 1:09 AM, POE said:

RYZEN Panel Pro

Here is one for you guys that have a RYZEN setup with a RADEON graphics card and one of those 480x800 USB displays, i made this from scratch a few days ago using Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 and windows98, thought i would share it here for you to download. You will need to install rivatuner to use the FPS monitoring function, included are all the fonts, images and backgrounds, enjoy. On the left side is a logarithmic LED display for cpu and gpu loads, with cpu/gpu temp logos that change colour depending on temperature, at the bottom left are cpu/gpu icons that light up when they are idling at less than 6% load.



AMD Panel Pro.PNG


AMD Panel Pro.7z 433.55 kB · 103 downloads

Would love to see a horizontal version of this, pls

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