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On 2/13/2021 at 2:46 AM, Wondersquid said:

A couple of us are working on getting animation through animation images set as gauges. I have had some success you can see here https://photos.app.goo.gl/D9p9H2zHsspahiZx8  there was a member that posted a really fluid animation saying the gauge was monitoring his M.2 drive

I use rainmeter to overlay a animated file over the panel, gifs dont work through, you need a animation sequence in ping files.

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11 hours ago, karletto999 said:

What does it mean "l. The trick is it only work in the web. " ?? If I put gif image, i see black square write GIF inside...but if I put also web url, i cant see yet my gift in movement.... so how i can put animation in my panel ??? 

can you record a video to explain how you put animation iside yours??

Thanks in advance!!!

You have to use it as remote LCD sensor panel, than it works like hell... 

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On 2/11/2021 at 7:20 PM, Somyadeep Mandal said:

Hello guys I joined this community yesterday, found a few but was really confused on what to be done, but I found a NZXT dash but was in 2260x800 resolution, I tweaked that for us peasants with 800x480 resolution. Let me know if its cool. Most of these things are editable, like instead of my name if you want to put yours, just edit it with yours, same for gpu name and stuff. The cpu utilization tab is system drawn.

Capture 19.JPG

Nzxt 480p sensorpanel.sensorpanel 629.04 kB · 27 downloads

Updated file with a bit more graphics. 

Capture 20.JPG

Nzxt 480p sensorpanel.sensorpanel

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On 28/4/2020 at 15:59, Joshua Sy Pales said:

Hola a todos, me gustaría compartir mi panel de sensores inspirado en ROG, me tomó 6 horas hacerlo. :)

Hice Photoshop los iconos y creé mi propio indicador personalizado, no es mucho, pero coincide con todo el tema.



Hola, podrías compartirlo en 800x480, es muy chulo. Enhorabuena

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On 1/6/2021 at 6:57 AM, joransrb said:

A simple retro casio panel.

GFX not made by me but from some android phone theme, cant remember who made it, but will add credits to the author when i find it.

Edit; here is the original author of the graphics - 


600x1024 Portrait mode

zip includes; font, bg image, and .sensorpanel



retro-sensorpanel.zip 47.04 kB · 228 downloads

Incredible work. Signed up just to thank you and download it. Looks amazing.

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4 hours ago, Tahsin said:

Hi for anyone like Retro sensor panel from this comment 


i've had change and modified this panel to fit 800x600 and 1024x600 resolutions 

you wile find 3 files one for 800x600 one for 1024x600 and one font file you need to past it into windows font files

if you like it please thumbs up






RetroSensor.zip 101.56 kB · 9 downloads


Really like this but very new. My screen is 800x480 so any advice on converting

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