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2 hours ago, kodachrome said:

Made a SensorPanel (mostly hacked together from Jav M's nice clean "KICS", thanks!) for the new 6.8" Beadapanel 1280x480.  I also made a 3D case for it and got a USB-C to right angle Micro-USB adapter. Using it as monitor for my HP Omen 15" when it mines crypto. 






beside laptop.jpg

ResizerImage997X1329 above.jpg

alan mod omen.belcd 366.94 kB · 0 downloads alan mod omen.sensorpanel 366.94 kB · 0 downloads Beadapanel to Thermaltake Massive 20 34mm clamp.stl 923.52 kB · 1 download Backing plate3.stl 420.59 kB · 1 download Case Front Beadaboard4.stl 312 kB · 1 download

Nice! You're welcome man :)

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On 8/2/2021 at 18:52, Rolenko said:

Aquí va. Hice algunos cambios desde que me di cuenta de que en una pantalla lcd de 5 "se necesita un tamaño de fuente más grande para que todo el material se pueda leer correctamente.



Por cierto, en caso de que alguien pudiera ayudarme: me di cuenta de que no puedo editar o crear indicadores personalizados, no tengo el tipo de elemento "Indicador". ¿Cómo puedo editar un indicador personalizado en las últimas versiones de aida?




2021-02-07_minimal_nodp.sensorpanel 1.3 MB · 116 descargas


can you share in 1024x600 please!!

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12 hours ago, mformoriarty said:

Thanks, really like this case, it's my first time trying a small form factor and it's better than expected. Your's sounds awesome, wouldn't mind seeing the pictures when it's done!

Yeah good case. I am having trouble getting a good photo of it as I have mirror tinted the glass screen which looks great to the naked eye with the dim lighting shining through but it just looks like a mirrored garbage when photographed. I have tried a little screen in there which looks great through the glass but I was not happy with how it was so waiting on a new long but narrow screen for the bottom and I am going to use a odriod c2 board with android running the remote panel app.


Here is an early photo before cable clean up, led placement etc without the glass panel



Does not look anywhere near as nice than it is now but hopefully a will get my better camera out when it is finished an get a good shot of it.


Really like what you have done  with the white cables and led strips. The retro sensor panel really suits it with the white and the big sythe cooler at the other side.

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37 minutes ago, RaptorTP said:



Was sind diese blauen Kästchen in der Mitte unten?




dein Panel sieht echt mega aus.

Das war das, was ich wirklich nicht gesehen habe, sind diese blauen Kästchen in der Mitte.

Takt der CPU Kerne 1 - 8

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On 2/17/2021 at 9:14 AM, Abso said:

Can I ask if you could do another version of this screen same size, but without the middle FPS gauge. Showing the CPU gauge, and the GPU gauge in a larger size just like your previous screen before this one.

Danke - Thank you

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800 x 480 Star Trek Sensor Monitor

The GPU Load is pictorial and there is a image of the Star Trek Enterprise that will move across the bottom of the screen which moves with the FPS coun

Its my first attempt so don't be too harsh :)


**Since this afternoon I've added CPU Load Bar, MB Bios Version, GPU Clock Speed and GPU Fan Speed **


You can download it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11O4moTj7OuYSUDbtlVlISCNTgrJeu6UM/view?usp=sharing

Please read the README file first




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On 2/19/2021 at 4:40 PM, Tahsin said:


Ok so i've finaly finished the Digital Sensor panel and you can have it 

this file have 4  files one 800x600 one 800x480 one Font file you install in Windows fonts folder

and the background file if you want to resize it to your own monitor

Cheers digi800x600.png




Updated now it looks more realistic 


just resize the background  to fit your resolution and change it with the preview one 



Edited by Tahsin
Updated background to looks more realistic
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On 9/5/2020 at 12:09 AM, Gabe Zalewski said:

Recently upgraded my chassis to a Lian Li o11 D XL. I kept the same 800x480 screen but this time I positioned it vertically next to the single back exhaust slot.

Not gonna lie, got pretty lazy when redoing the sensor panel so I just stripped a bunch off of my old one hahaha

A better version will follow, but here's the HUD sensor revision 4.0.


omg so nice !!!share the sensorpanel please


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